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January 2010

cedar mill falls

Cedar Mill Falls is impressive at this time of year, but it’s pretty anytime. The current steep and unimproved trail keeps most people from seeing it.

A new trail is taking shape in Cedar Mill
by Virginia Bruce

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) has been working to connect residents to natural areas and destinations by creating trails throughout the district. They draw up maps with general trail orientations, and then acquire trail property and improve trails when they have the opportunity.

A good example of this process is taking shape in the form of a loop trail around the Timberland development and Foege Park. The existing segment of the trail runs through the two sections of Foege Park (see map) that are connected by a pedestrian bridge crossing Cedar Hills Boulevard, plus an onstreet segment. The northern end of the trail connects via another bridge and leads into the trail system in Timberland.

trail mapThe Timberland segment of the trail isn’t public yet, (that’s why it’s shown as a “future” trail on the map) but once some additional improvements are made, it will be transferred to THPRD, along with some parks inside the development.

A segment of the trail that connects the southern end of Timberland to 114th will include a boardwalk that passes the wetland that is managed by The Wetland Conservancy. Polygon, the developer of Timberland, began to work on this boardwalk last summer, but was stopped when it was discovered that the original permit for the work had expired. Polygon submitted a new application to the county, and it was approved, but appealed by the owner of the adjacent property on 114th. A hearing was held on December 17 and although the decision hasn’t been filed yet (so it’s not official), the appeal was denied. Work on completing the boardwalk will probably resume later this year when the weather improves.

boardwalk2Just north of the boardwalk is a natural area that will also be transferred to the park district. Because of the nature of the land (bottom land subject to flooding) it will probably remain undeveloped. It’s a lovely wildlife habitat though, and will offer some great birdwatching.

Beyond the new segment, across 114th, is a 2acre property that was bought by the district several years ago. It currently has a rental house on it. The district plans eventually to put a trail through this property that will lead to Foege Park. There is a significant grade from the level of 114th to the level of the park, and there is currently no funding allocated to the project.

The wetland lagoon as seen from an unimproved trail that leads south from Foege Park. We heard coyotes and saw a redtail hawk nearby. Photos by Bob Porter

THPRD Director of Planning Hal Bergsma says it may be possible to develop a temporary “soft surface” trail similar to what has been put into Cedar Mill Park and The Bluff’s Park to connect the from 114th to Foege Park, but the existence of the rental house would make that difficult. This will be considered as a project to be funded in next year’s budget, but it is more likely that improvement of a trail connection will be delayed for several years until resources are available to remove the house and build a permanent trail. .

This trail addition would not only complete the loop for recreational use, but it would be useful for folks who would like to walk to the Sunset Transit Center (STC), since it would provide a direct, safe route from the south end of Timberland to Cedar Hills Blvd. That would allow pedestrians to connect with a trail segment that runs along the southern end of the Peterkort development crossing Valeria View, not far from its intersection with Barnes near the STC.

In addition to the loop trail, Polygon will be transferring the section of Cedar Mill Creek next to the JQA Young House/Park to the district as part of their agreement with THPRD in lieu of System Development Charges. A boardwalk and platform that will afford a view of Cedar Mill Falls will be built by Polygon prior to the transfer. Bergsma says, “Because the overlook boardwalk project would currently involve both the County and the City, we want to get the JQAY property annexed (into Beaverton) before we go ahead so we only have to deal with the city. We have decided to delay the start of the project to some time this summer so we can get the annexation done first.”


Members of the Connecting Neighborhoods group walked the loop in early January

When all the pieces are finally in place, it will be much easier to walk and bike around this area and enjoy the wildlife that lives so close to our town center.







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