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Volume 15, Issue 11
November 2017


Dear thief who took my purse,
By Mary Edwards

Since you insinuated yourself into my life by taking my purse, I thought you should know whose life you screwed up. Yes, that Thursday, Oct. 19, was one of the worst days of my life.

When you sneaked up behind me at Market of Choice to steal my purse, you took more than my cheap Sherpani bag. You took my brand-new Samsung S8, which was so new I still didn’t have all bells and whistles figured out. No case even. You took my one Visa with only a small balance, my two debit cards, my health insurance card, my driver’s license and my 23-year-old library card. Geez, you needed that library card, huh? You also got some old lip gloss and $8 in cash.


Not much, was it? Well, you seemed to think so. And I’d love to know why. I know how it went down. You took my purse and zipped over to Safeway where you used my cards to buy American Express gift cards.

It makes me wonder why clerks at local stores don’t check ID when someone buys a bunch of gift cards. Seems like a simple way to prevent fraud, since it happens so often. Nice quick way to turn a card theft into ready cash.

At some point along the line you pitched my purse, wallet, cards, and phone. I’d like them back if you’re feeling generous. Oh wait, thieves don’t give stuff back. Silly me.

I guess I should count myself lucky. You didn’t distract me with a duo or trio of female thieves and steal my purse from my cart at Trader Joe’s or Costco (no membership, so that was out) or push me down and yank my purse off my shoulder like a friend’s friend had happen. I met another woman who had her purse surreptitiously spirited away like mine was. Women preying on women, perhaps?

So, back to my question. Why did you do it? Are you a drug addict or just a pickpocket who’s trying new territory, so to speak? Will you ever regret it?

I’d hate to think that having my purse stolen from a place I thought was safe is a kind of new reality. But ladies, I think it is. Keep ‘em close, don’t get complacent, and watch each other’s back. Because some thief may be watching yours.

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