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Volume 16, Issue 11
November 2018


Development roundup

Timberland Final Commercial Property: Hotel

timberland map

OTAK is submitting plans to Beaverton for the final commercial property in the Timberland complex. They presented their plans in a neighborhood meeting in mid-October, attended by many neighbors in the Timberland housing units, and others.

The plan calls for an 89-room Hilton Home2 hotel located on the northwest of the lot, adjacent to 118th. Two additional buildings are planned as retail/office/restaurant. No tenants have been announced for those facilities.

Comments from the neighbors included concerns about the two entrances planned for 117th Loop, which is already a narrow road. The main entrance is planned to be on Cedar Falls Drive. Developers need to provide at least two access points, but may be able to consolidate the 117th Loop entrances into one.

Questions were also posed regarding the trees and open space near the wetland. That space will remain open with some anticipated landscaping. They hope to retain many of the trees.

Most of the neighbors agreed that a hotel would be a good addition to the community. Developers assured the group that they would be sensitive to noise and lighting that might affect nearby residents.

As always, plans can change once the development is presented to the city. We’ll bring you updates as they are available.

Peterkort to add parking adjacent to Transit Center

The undersized lot at the Sunset Transit Center (STC) has increasingly stymied people wanting to park their cars and ride MAX. Now the Peterkort Co. is planning to provide at least a temporary solution, by constructing a surface parking lot with about 250 spaces. They expect to submit their plans to Beaverton in a few weeks.

Peterkort Parking map

They presented the plan at a meeting on November 7. Kevin Apperson, David Evans & Associates, explained that the preferred access to the new lot would be via the existing road to the station. That would require TriMet to agree to shared access. An alternate approach could be a road leading directly from Barnes, near where the existing driveway is. The developers suggested that letters of support to TriMet for the shared access would be helpful.

Peterkort’s development consultant, Scott Eaton, said that part of the reason for building the lot was to explore the parking needs for the eventual development of the Planned Development near the station. “We need to think about how much parking we will need before we develop the retail segments,” he said. He said that they expect many of the residents of the eventual development may not even have cars.

Pam Treece, Washington County Commissioner-elect for our area, also attended. She mentioned that the number one issue she heard during her campaign was transit. Almost since the STC opened, it’s been impossible to find a space on weekdays in the morning. Now it fills up before 7 am. At least 1000 cars park in areas adjacent to the STC, including across Highway 26 in the Cedar Hills shopping center.

The project is estimated to cost around $3 million. Parking will be paid, and it’s uncertain if there will be an option to purchase monthly passes. The developers mentioned that there are computer apps that can be used to tell if space is available, and they’re planning to look into including that in the lot.

This is an “allowed conditional use” according to Beaverton’s approval of the Sunset Station Master Plan which was approved by Beaverton in 2013.

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