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Volume 9, Issue 2
February 2012

Grange News
From the ground up
by Theresa Thorud, Secretary, Leedy Grange #339

Leedy Grange was named after B. G. Leedy, Oregon State Grange Master 1900-1906. If you’re interested in more history of the Grange, your local library has a copy of “Washington/Yamhill Pomona Grange” put together by yours truly. It is a living document of the known Granges in the Washington/Yamhill counties.

“The Patrons of Husbandry,” better known as the Grange, has withstood the test of time in large part by being built upon a solid foundation. But unfortunately, our little Grange hall is not. We have discovered dry rot in some of the piers holding up the south side of the building, due to moisture from drainage issues. We will be working over the next several months to correct the situation and replace the piers.

Cedar Mill NewsWhen Saltzman Road was being widened a couple of years ago, one of the utility contractors dug up some pipes in front of the building. When they were done, they dumped the crushed rock that had surrounded the pipe, all mixed up with dirt, back into the space. This inhospitable mess prevented us from creating a pleasant landscape in front of the new mural. We were able to convince the county to right the situation, and in December, NW Earthmovers came back and dug out the mixture and replaced it with some nice topsoil.

Clean Water Services has created a landscape plan using sturdy and attractive natives. We’ll be acquiring the necessary plants soon, and the Cedar Mill Garden Club has agreed to come out and help us put them into the “new” ground.

Should your New Years’ resolution include enjoying life more, allow me to introduce the Cynthia and Michael Parent, the newest members to grace our little group with talent and dance as they waltz their way into our lives, offering a public ballroom dancing session every other Friday at Leedy Grange. For a proper introduction simply Google “Impressions Dance Club,” then come on down to Leedy the second and fourth Friday night of each month. Start with a lesson at 7 pm, or join the group for open dancing from 8-10 pm. The cost is $7 general, which includes the lesson, or $5 for students. Singles or couples are both welcome.

During the holidays, Leedy Grange made donations to the Beaverton Historical Society, (more on that in a later issue). Leedy also made a donation to the Domestic Violence Resource Center and to Lacy’s House, which is a home for veterans.

One thing can be said about the Grange, it is a multi-faceted organization full of options for growth and friendship. We may have a deep history but we are also committed to making the future a little brighter. Join us at one of our potlucks on the second Saturday of each month, at noon. No membership required, and you neever know who will pop in. but you're sure to enjoy a good lunch.



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