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March 2018


Business News - March 2018

New dispensary opening in former Java Lounge location

Western Oregon Dispensaries purchased the former Java Lounge location and is working to remodel the building, planning to open in July.

Washington County had previously approved their application for a marijuana dispensary next door, on Dale Ave., but when the building at the corner of Dale and Cornell became available, WOD felt it would be a better fit.

Clearing the Clutter

nw organizing solutions

Wednesday, March 14, 6:30-7:45 pm, Beaverton City Library Room B, 12375 SW 5th

Learn how to overcome the clutter that often invades our living spaces, and discover your own personal organizing style with Beth Giles of NW Organizing Solutions. Free and open to the public; no registration required.

Village Gallery of Arts Events

All events (unless otherwise noted) are at the Gallery, 12505 NW Cornell, next to the Cedar Mill Library. Open Mon.-Sat., 10-4; Sun. 12-4. Contact:, 503-644-8001.

March Show

Sun., March 11, 2-4pm, free.

"Buckets of Waterfall, by Chris Kondrat
"Buckets of Waterfall, by Chris Kondrat

Join us for refreshments and meet our featured artists: Chris Kondrat and Barb Sedgwick. Kondrat is a member of the Watercolor Society Of Oregon, who paints in watercolors, dabbles in acrylics, mixed media, marbling, collage, and pen and ink. Sedgwick will display her hand-embossed pewter items.

Invitation To Participate In Art Challenge

Sat., March 3

You are invited to participate in creating art for our annual fundraiser. Our May show will feature hundreds of 6” by 6” canvases, all priced at $40 each. Register to participate and pick up your canvas at VGA. Each canvas is $5.

Classes in March

Kristi Roberts—Children’s Art Classes

Mondays: 3:45-4:45 pm for ages 7-11 and 5-6 pm for ages 11-16

Children have an opportunity to try out different mediums including drawing, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, clay and mixed media. Fine art concepts and techniques are taught with each lesson. Varied subjects include landscapes, people, faces, animals, cartooning and perspective.

Annie Salness—Oil & Acrylic Painting

Thurs., March 1, 8, 15, 22, 10-2 pm

Beginning to intermediate level. We will work on building the fundamentals of painting, including drawing, value, composition and color. there will be demonstrations, exercises for you, individual attention and homework.

Mary Burgess—Watercolor, Working in Series

Wed., March 14, 21, 28, 9:30-12:30 pm or 6-9 pm

Some watercolor experience helpful. Working in a series is a great way for artists to produce a cohesive body of work. Students will learn various ways to accomplish this from conception to completion.

Rebecca Benoit—Cell Phonography: From So-so To So Fabulous

Sat., March 17, 1-4 pm

Bring your fully charged cell phone and/or tablet with Snapseed app installed. This class will explore tools in your camera you probably didn’t even know it had—such as adjusting focus, exposure, burst mode, white balance and using HDR. We will also cover fundamental such as composition, exposure, focus and lighting and how to use the tools in your phone to make the most of these variables.

New local pickup location for Love Farm CSA

A CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) is a business model where the member pays the farmer in advance for a whole season of fresh, locally-grown produce. You pick up your box of produce each week during the season, at a local drop site.

Love Farm has been providing delicious, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables since 2005, gradually expanding their offerings and pickup locations to serve their growing membership. We wrote about Love Farm last March.

Amy Love says, “On the Farm, the winter rest from growing holds space for sharing time with family, our land, and hopefully reflective insight on the connection we have with each other and the world around us. We attend conferences and events for Farmers, reinvigorating our mission to farm.

“We also keep on task with all that encompasses a new growing year on the farm. We have been ordering our seeds, planning out the fields, plots and greenhouses, and building the planting plan. We are constantly reminded of why we do what we do—for the love of good food and the internal core value that food is medicine. In other words, healthy fruits and vegetables, grown without harmful chemical inputs, in soil that's alive, picked at the peak of ripeness the day of or before they make it to our table, can in fact be a nourishing tonic to our physical system and our state of mind. We believe in this, and feel honored and blessed to get to do this work for YOU, our beloved Members.”

If you want to get some of that goodness for your own family, Lauretta Young is offering her home as a local pickup spot. She’s located near the corner of West Union and Bethany. Pickup for your weekly CSA share will be Thursday afternoons, starting in June.

Learn more on the Love Farm website. Sign-up is easy on-line or you can mail a check. Just click on the Join page, and select the Koa Court location, or whichever location is most convenient to you.

Members paid in full by March 4 will receive a full flat of organic berries for free. Members paid in full by April 10 will receive a half-flat of organic berries for Free!

"Buckets of Waterfall, by Chris Kondrat
Bales Marketplace is installing a growler station near the Starbuck's shop.







Pharmaca explores “Natural Allergy Relief”

Sat., March 10, 2-6 pm, 240 NW Lost Springs Terrace, Beaverton, OR

Explore herbal, homeopathic, and OTC products that can offer effective allergy relief. Take home samples and a free Boiron Sabadil with $70 purchase (while supplies last!). Get up to $20 in coupons and earn Feel Better Rewards before the quarter ends! Call Patrick Healey 503-596-3552 for more information.

Wine Cellar Parent and Child Cooking Class

Thurs., March 8, 2 pm, 525 NW Saltzman, Portland, $35 per person

Join Chef DeeAnna’s cooking class and learn how to make lasagna roll ups, fresh salsa, roasted yam slices, mini cocoa cupcakes, and coconut crusted yogurt bananas. All ingredients included. Class appropriate for children up to age 13. To sign up, call the Wine Cellar 503-643-5655.

Oregon’s only independent gifted school relocates to Bethany area

The Altair School has opened its doors in Bethany and is now located at: 15188 NW Central Drive Suite 202 in Bethany. Altair is an inquiry-based K-5 school serving gifted children. The school was previously located in Beaverton. In September 2017, Altair students began the school year at a new location in Bethany Village.

While some school districts throughout the state offer programs for talented and gifted students, Altair is the only independent school in the state devoted entirely to serving gifted children. The multi-age classes are capped at 15 students allowing for individualized learning. Altair also offers a flexible study schedule, with both a four-day per week or five-day per week option.

Currently accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year, The Altair School has filled a need in the metro area. “Allowing children to ask big questions, explore real world problems, and move as fast as they want in basic skills unlocks their passion for learning,” says Rebecca Taylor, Altair’s Board President.

Altair also holds public community game days, usually on the second Sunday of the month. The next event is Sunday, March 11 at 2:30 pm.

More information about Altair, including details about the application process and community events, can be found at

IM=X is Pilates Reinvented!

Thurs.-Sun., March 1-4, 18335 NW West Union Rd Suite A

im=x logo

IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. Our studio offers premier instruction in Pilates, barre, yoga, personal training and back wellness—all under one roof. It's a re-choreographed blend of unique movements that combine the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of Pilates with elements of strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone, while intensely strengthening the spine and core.

IM=X combines simple exercises to help eliminate old posture and movement habits that may contribute to injury and pain. People who take classes on average of two to three times a week have seen a reduction in back pain and an increase in core strength. Everyone—from fitness newbies to hard-core gym rats—can benefit from IM=X Pilates. The program has been proven effective for all body types and fitness levels.

Our opening event will take place March 1-4 and we are offering free reformer Pilates classes, discounts on passes and memberships, giveaways, and guest vendors! It’s our way of saying “Hello” to our new neighbors. You can register for a free class by logging on to and choosing “Reserve a Spot”.

Dr. Cleary’s “Head to Toe Prevention Recommendations”

Thurs., March 22, 6-8 pm, Souther Auditorium, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Campus, 9205 SW Barnes Road, free.

Dr. Cleary will give a presentation covering the latest recommendations for routine procedures like colonoscopies, vaccinations, specific testing for men and women, as well as blood tests. Call Dr. Cleary’s office to reserve a seat 503-526-0994.

New Collection at Les Couleurs de Provence

New fabrics, prints, and styles of tablecloths and kitchen linens are now available from Les Couleurs de Provence! This new collection is a combination of elegance, convenience and the chique-ness of France for your home. Call Mireille at 503-679-1681 to visit the studio. You will also receive 10% off when mentioning this article.


What are the Differences Between Traditional and Roth IRAs?

by Sunset Credit Union

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is a plan for retirement provided by financial institutions with either a tax-deferred basis or tax-free growth. With an IRA you are essentially investing money and letting it grow until retirement. There are two main types of IRAs: Traditional and Roth. One key difference between Roth and Traditional plans is how contributions are taxed. Here’s how they compare:

Traditional plans are sometimes also referred to as “regular” plans. You can invest pre-tax income in traditional accounts. So one advantage of traditional accounts is that when you contribute money, you can generally write off the contribution as a tax deduction, thereby lowering your tax bill. One disadvantage of traditional plans is that you generally can’t withdraw money without penalty until age 591⁄2, and so you pay taxes on the money as you withdraw. Last, with a traditional IRA, contributions must stop when an earner reaches age 701⁄2.

Unlike a traditional IRA, contributions to a Roth IRA are made using money that’s already been taxed. Contributions to a Roth IRA are never tax-deductible. While there’s no tax benefit up-front, your earnings within the account grow tax-free, and withdrawals made during retirement are also tax-free. The money you contribute to a Roth IRA can be removed at any time for any reason but a 10% early distribution penalty tax will apply to the taxable amount unless you meet one of the IRS’s early distribution penalty tax exceptions. You can keep adding to your Roth IRA well into retirement, no matter your age.

Sunset Credit Union offers a variety of IRAs for investment. Because everyone’s needs are different, if you have questions about which IRA is best for you, or would like more information on IRAs and which one would be best for you, contact Debbie at Sunset Credit Union at 503-643-1335.


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