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Volume 17, Issue 3
April 2019


Getting to transit

Depending on where you live and/or work, getting to the nearest transit stop can be challenging. Sidewalk gaps, long distances between signalized crossings, poor lighting and/or substandard bike facilities can create challenges for those using public transportation.

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Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation has started the First and Last Mile (FLM) project to develop strategies to improve transit per the transit objectives included in the County’s Transportation System Plan (TSP).

The project will include the following tasks and activities:

  • Understanding the implications (costs/risks, benefits/opportunities) of new mobility technology;
  • Recommending amendments to the TSP, Road Design and Construction Standards and other policy documents for the County to consider to improve transit access;
  • Identifying priority locations for first-and-last-mile transit access projects, programs and partnerships including:
  • Bicycle and pedestrian improvements;
  • On-demand transportation such as shuttles, microtransit, ridesharing, carsharing, bikesharing (including electric bikes and scooters), ridesourcing and mobility hubs;
  • Inter-regional and rural-transit connections.
  • Identifying priority projects to position the County for funding opportunities.

A technical advisory committee (TAC), comprised of representatives from cities, transportation service providers and transportation management associations, will have its second meeting this month. TAC members will meet up to five times to compile recommendations. Stakeholder input will be a key component in that process. Two stakeholder workshops and an online open house, all open to the public, will be conducted to encourage comments. The first workshop is expected to be held in May.

For more information, subscribe to LUT’s First and Last Mile e-newsletter.


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