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Volume 17, Issue 3
April 2019


Help us build a better News website!

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UPDATE! We have raised over half of our goal! The largest donation so far was $500, along with many $10, $20, and $50 contributions. Any amount helps! We're getting ready to start work on this while we continue to collect the necessary funds.

We're going to begin sending out some quick surveys on the CMN Facebook page to discover what you like and don't like, what you use and what you never knew about. If you're not already getting our Facebook updates, please consider "liking" us now. And see below if you'd prefer to mail a check rather than using GoFundMe to donate.

Have you struggled to read the News on your phone? Have you been frustrated by having to scroll and scroll to find the stories that interest you? Help is on the horizon, but first we need everyone who enjoys the News to chip in!

We have established a “GoFundMe” campaign to raise $4500 to hire a team of experts to design and implement a new website for Cedar Mill News.

Why do we need your donations? We want the News to be free to everyone. We don’t want to establish a “pay wall,” like so many publications are doing these days. But that means that our margin is tiny and doesn’t have room for a major project! Our staff doesn’t have the time or skills to do this work ourselves.

In addition to a more user-friendly interface, our goal is to publish news and event information continually, as we receive it. An updated event calendar window will display the week’s happenings. The new structure will also take some of the load off our staff, and allow more contributors to get involved.

We’ve been using our Facebook page to post timely information. This new site will be able to incorporate that content so you won’t have to be a Facebook user to get the latest “news you can use,” like traffic alerts, links to breaking news in our area, and more. And we’ll be able to accept comments on the articles!

We will continue to collect the content to produce the print edition monthly, along with the downloadable PDF version, but the website will be more useful and timely.

If you appreciate the independent and relevant information we provide, please donate as much as you can to keep the service free to all! The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can bring you more and better Cedar Mill News!

If you want to donate but prefer not to use GoFundMe, you can mail a check to Cedar Mill News, PO Box 91061, Portland, OR 97291.


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