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Volume 17, Issue 3
April 2019


Park News


PGE removes trees near Sunset Park on Cornell

Neighbors were concerned when they noticed that a row of trees along Cornell was cut down recently. The property is on an easement adjacent to the fence for Sunset Park.

Jon Campbell, THPRD Superintendent of Maintenance, let us know that it was Portland General that cut them, because they interfered with the power lines. “The trees were also damaging the adjacent sidewalk,” he said. “We’ve had to fix or replace the sidewalk panels a couple of times already because the tree roots were displacing them.”

He said the park district would plant some new vegetation in the fall that will help screen the park but won’t cause problems.



bluffs mess

Bluffs Park maintenance

The Bluffs Park is tucked away between several Bonny Slope neighborhoods, with lawn, a playground, and a natural area. Following the trail that leads to the park from the Ironwood neighborhood and through the natural area leads to The Bluffs neighborhood, where you can walk on the street to the eastern Bluffs Park entrance for a nice circuit.

Lately, however, visitors have noticed a mess of downed trees and branches where the path enters the park. Campbell said that there was some confusion on the part of the maintenance staff as to whether it was regular park maintenance or natural area staff that was supposed to take care of that area.

He says, “Park Maintenance will ‘own’ that area going forward. The dead trees and branches will be chipped into the area,the ground will be re-graded, and we will cover the area with recycled chips. Staff will eventually re-plant the area with some native plants and also add a few trees in the fall. Public Notice signs will be posted soon, the work will start within the next week or two.”

bluffs trillia
Native yellow violets and
trilliums bloom in the natural
area of The Bluffs Park.

The eastern segment of The Bluffs trail winds up the hill through an area that was planted with natives in 2012. The plants are thriving and the paved path makes for a pleasant walk.

THPRD candidate forum

Saturday, April 27, 1-3 pm, Elsie Stuhr Center

Meet the candidates for the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Board of Directors. Hosted by the Friends of the Elsie Stuhr Center.

All candidates are invited to attend.

Help Shape the Future of THPRD—Join the Visioning Task Force

The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) is recruiting for a Visioning Task Force. Applications are being accepted now through April 21.

THPRD needs a community-supported vision for the future of the District to influence programming, funding, and strategic planning.We are looking for diverse, multicultural, and energetic community liaisons to help get us there.

Community visioning is an opportunity for THPRD to listen to community members and work together to find better ways to serve.THPRD was formed more than 60 years ago, by people who had a vision for a better way to provide park services.Now it’s time to set the course for what the next 60 years will bring.

Task Force Members will:Serve from May 2019 through May 2020; Attend a monthly two-hour meeting, on the first Thursday of the month starting June 6; Help Gather Community Input – Agree to volunteer at 10 engagement events, such as a community event like a picnic or market or speaking with school or organizational groups; Oversee the Public Input Process – Advise on engagement strategies to make better connections with people; Advise THPRD Leaders - Make recommendations to the THPRD Board of Directors on the Visioning Plan.

THPRD recognizes it will take time, energy, and commitment to serve as a voluntary member on the Visioning Task Force.We are offering members THPRD passes, in recognition of their contribution to this effort.

To apply or learn more, please visit www.thprd.org.


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