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Volume 16, Issue 5
May 2018


Cedar Mill Creek Flooding update

Cedar Mill Creek and its tributary, North Johnson Creek, drain 5,300 acres from the West Hills into Beaverton Creek in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. These creeks pass through your neighborhood and parks, around businesses and under your roadways, before joining together at the intersection of Walker Road and Murray Boulevard in Beaverton.

Over time, human activities and rain patterns have altered the way water behaves on the landscape:

  • Streams were altered, and wetlands were drained for uses like early logging, farming and other development

  • Homes were built in historic floodplains before regulations existed to prevent it

  • Urban growth, roadway construction and reduced natural space has affected the land’s ability to absorb rainfall before it enters streams

These changes have resulted in homes, businesses, parks and roads experiencing more flooding, especially at lower elevations.

(More background in the April News article)

Learn more about strategies to address flooding on a self-guided tour

We've planned a self-guided tour for residents to view flooding impacts and learn about potential strategies to address flooding in the Cedar Mill Creek and North Johnson Creek drainage area. Staff will await visitors on May 10 from 3-7 pm at the stations shown on the map below. 

May 10, 3 - 7 pm

Flooding Tour Map
Exact locations for the tour are still being updated. Check the website for the latest information.

Tour stations

  • Station 1: Mill Pond, near play structure where Rainmont Rd. and Mill Pond Rd. intersect

  • Station 2: TWC Mitigation Site, Barnes Rd. - east of 118th Ave.

  • Station 3: Commonwealth Lake Area, on grass at north end of park near Butner Road entrance

  • Station 4: Devonshire/Walker Rd.

  • Station 5: THPRD Nature Park, north end of park where Westside Trail crosses Cedar Mill Creek

A public meeting of the Project Team had been planned for May 23, but to allow the Technical Advisory Committee additional time to complete its work, that meeting is cancelled. The June 5th Project Team meeting, scheduled for 1-5pm, will move forward as planned.

Sign up on the Project website to receive email updates. If you haven’t already, take the survey, even if your property doesn’t flood.


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