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Volume 15, Issue 6
June 2017


CPO 1—learn how to get local transportation improvements

Tues., June 13, 7 pm, Leedy Grange Hall, 835 NW Saltzman

Steve Franks, Urban Road Services Coordinator at Washington County’s Land Use and Transportation Department, will visit to explain the Safety Improvement Project opportunity that is offered by the Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD). Each year, county road funds are available for small-scale (less than $500,000) safety improvement and connectivity projects, which include sidewalks, pathways, bike lanes, and paved shoulders. Since 2011, more than 40 URMD Safety Improvement Projects totaling $14 million have been funded.


The call for public proposals to the Safety Improvement Program will go out soon, with a deadline of July 15. Projects can be suggested by the community. They are reviewed and documented by county staff. Then the URMD Advisory Committee votes to approve the top-scoring projects that will be funded. Last year, "the proposed projects generated 278 public comments, a really impressive response from the citizens of Washington County," said Bonnie Hadley, URMDAC chair."

Visit the interactive map of already-proposed projects to see if your suggestion is already on the map.

Projects selected by URMDAC last year include two within the Cedar Mill area. After review by Department of Land Use & Transportation staff, these URMD Safety Improvement projects will be included in the FY 2017-18 Road Maintenance Program presented to the Board of County Commissioners for approval in June. They are: 143rd Avenue from Melody to house #2000—sidewalk on east side; and Thompson Road from Knollview to 114th—paved pathway on south side. Previous projects include the continuous sidewalk on 113th that is now under construction.

In addition to the road information, we’ll also have an update from our Metro Councilor, Kathryn Harrington, with news from Metro that affects our community.

There will also be a brief update on the long-anticipated improvements for the Cedar Hills Bl. offramp from Highway 26 (Sunset Highway).

Community Participation Organization 1 (CPO 1) is a volunteer-run organization that gives community members a voice in a variety of issues, including land use and development, transportation, and other topics that affect our daily lives. The Community Engagement division of the County Administration Office now administers the program. To sign up for monthly meeting announcements, visit our web page or our Facebook page and click on the Sign Up link:

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