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Volume 17, Issue 6
June 2019


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Cedar Mill News selected for PSU Capstone Project
by Virginia Bruce

Portland State University (PSU) seniors generally are required to take a Capstone course near their graduation date. These courses “provide students with the opportunity to apply, in a team context, what they have learned in their major and in their other University Studies courses to a real challenge emanating from the metropolitan community.”

We applied to be “clients” for a project last fall, and we learned that we were selected for a summer project in late May. The purpose of our project is to document our methods and processes with the aim of producing a business plan that could be duplicated in other communities. Whether this becomes a "franchise" organization, or simply a guidebook for others, the product would have two goals: to make it possible to pass along our methods in this community so that I can step back; and to help to proliferate "hyperlocal journalism" throughout the US and beyond.


The instructor for our project, Jay Isaac, teaches Strategic Management. I will meet with the whole class in late June to discuss our goals, and then meet with our team a few more times during the session. The final product will be done mid-August.

Website update

In anticipation of the final report from the Capstone team, we’re going to postpone the website update so we can incorporate their recommendations. In the meantime we’re working to identify one or more technical development partners to help design and implement the new site. If you or someone you know is a WordPress expert interested in working with us, please contact Virginia Bruce at info@cedarmillnews.com.

We have collected nearly $3000 in donations from the community, which is safely tucked away in a savings account. Donations are welcome! Our “GoFundMe” campaign is still open—just visit this page. If you want to donate but prefer not to use GoFundMe, you can mail a check to Cedar Mill News, PO Box 91061, Portland, OR 97291.

Help distribute the News

Once the News is printed, usually on the first Friday of the month, help is needed to get it into the businesses that distribute it. We lost our regular helper a couple months ago, so if you have a little time and want to help, please let me know. It’s all very local and can be combined with your normal errands on your schedule.

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