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Volume 15, Issue 7
July 2017


They’re hatching…

The Japanese beetles are emerging! ODA detected emergence on June 18 and are seeing a daily increase in the number of beetles detected in their online photo traps.


This does not mean the ODA treatment was ineffective! The treatment kills the eggs and larvae that will be laid by this year’s beetles, and will affect next year's adult population.

If you find beetles

If you find beetles within the treatment area, you can deposit them in a container of soapy water and then dispose of them in the trash. An interactive map on the website will tell you if you are in or outside the treatment area.

If you find beetles outside the treatment area, you can put the specimen in a container or zip lock bag and then email ODA at Beetles detected in the traps will be collected by ODA personnel periodically though the summer.

Yard debris

Beetle map
The area being treated for beetle infestation is shown in blue.

Residential yard debris—including grass clippings, plants with soil, and sod—must be contained and delivered to a proper location. If possible, keep yard debris at the property or use a standard curbside yard debris cart provided by your regular garbage hauling company. However, if yard debris must be removed from the property, bag and cover the load and take it directly to Northwest Landscape Services in Hillsboro (location on the website). This yard debris drop off site is ONLY available to quarantine residents and their landscapers.

Containment is in effect; this means that yard debris collected from curbside green waste carts is being diverted to a Hillsboro landfill. The yard debris quarantine area has the same boundaries as the treatment zone. In order to prevent the spread of Japanese beetle, compost, transfer facilities and yard debris drop-off sites DO NOT ACCEPT yard debris from the quarantine area.


The project website has been updated. Please visit the yard debris page ( for information about containment.

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