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Volume 15, Issue 9
September 2017


Milltowner Center redevelopment

The old Milltowner I Shopping Center is going to be redeveloped next year. Bales Findley Property Management is holding a Neighborhood Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 21, 6:30 pm in the Meeting Room at the Cedar Mill Library.

The complex, built in 1961 with the original Bales Thriftway store at its center, has been feeling its age for several years. It’s long been slated for redevelopment, but a project proposed in 2013 was stalled when the anchor tenant got embroiled in acquisitions.

Milltowner Center Redevelopment Map

Ryan Egge, Bales/Findley manager, says there will now be two anchor tenant businesses for the center, although he can’t share the information yet, since there are non-disclosure agreements in place.

The center will have an expanded footprint, incorporating the lot east of the current center. It will include a second anchor building, along with a large parking lot for that building and for the second-level office space on its west side. The existing grade will stay, with the new retail space facing the lower level, and office space above facing the new lot.

It’s not clear how many of the existing businesses will relocate to the new center. They’re hoping to find a new spot for the Laundromat prior to the redevelopment, though, because folks can’t wait a year to do their washing!

The library parking lot will be bigger, although the building will stay the same. Dogwood is on the long-term county plan as a through-street to 123rd, so they may have to build a portion of it to county road standards, although there is no plan to extend it with this development. The Cornell entrance will be in nearly the same place it is now. A half-street improvement with a bike lane and wider sidewalk will provide better traffic safety.

This plan is a draft, subject to change before it’s submitted to the Washington County Planning Department. If everything proceeds smoothly, we could see the bulldozers in early spring 2018. We’ll bring you more information, as it’s available. Plan to attend the meeting with your questions and concerns.

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