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Volume 16, Issue 9
September 2018


Milltowner redevelopment update

We asked Ryan Egge, General Manager of Bales/Findley Property Management, about what we can expect in the coming months as the redevelopment of the old Milltowner Center gets underway.

What will be the effect on roads? When will Cornell & Saltzman be affected and to what extent?

Road development may be concurrent with the demolition, grading, and building activities. It needs to be sequenced to make sure the library doesn’t get cut off.

Do you know if the Laundromat will have a new space nearby?

We are working on giving them a space in the community, but we can’t say yet. We think we have something but the details have to be worked out.

Will there be an effort to recycle the fixtures and salvage usable structural elements?

We are absolutely up for that. We’d like to salvage some of the old wooden beams, for example, and we will work with ReStore and others to get the various fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, made available for re-use.

Can you give us any information about the stores that will be occupying the new center?

We are very sorry, but contract negotiations are very tricky, and we can’t share any information at this time. Smaller shops and restaurant tenants are contingent on finalizing the anchor tenants.

How is access to the library going to be affected?

We are working hard to make sure that the project will have minimal impact on the library. Once it’s done, the library will have a much better parking area!

Where will the businesses go?

Most of the businesses have relocated. Mike’s Auto Parts has been clearing its shelves by having a “Garage Sale” and will not reopen. Owner Pat Mahoney has a thriving online business supplying hard-to-find parts. He wants to thank the community for their support of the business over the years.

Alan Levine asks former clients to contact him at 503-626-6638 or by email at alan@levinecpa.com. Hairdresser Sara Zaree Hogan has joined the Bollywood Salon at 3280 NW 185th. Contact her at 971-227-7808.

The Cedar Mill News office will close by the end of the month, and if we don’t find another office location, we’ll work from home like we did in the beginning. We’re very grateful to Bales/Findley for letting us have our little “office in town” and we look forward to returning to the heart of the action again soon. (Suggestions and offers welcome!)


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