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March 2007

Mitch Greenlick’s Annexation Bill
by John Leeper, Former Washington County Commissioner

Representative Mitch Greenlick, with others, has sponsored House Bill 2638, which proposes to modify Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) requirements and procedures for a city to annex territory surrounded by a city (Island Annexation). He also proposes to declare an emergency, making it effective on passage.

I think that there are two significant portions of the bill that are of interest to Cedar Mill, other parts of CPO 1 and other Washington County CPOs as they apply to Island Annexations by a city:

The first states that a city may annex territory pursuant to this Section of ORS after they hold at least one public hearing on the subject for which notice has been mailed to each record owner of real property in the territory proposed to be annexed. 

The second, and more significant portion, is that Section 222.750 of ORS does NOT apply when the territory not within the city is surrounded in part by a portion of the city that consists only of a public right of way.
Another aspect of the Bill that I don’t understand is why it deletes any reference to a “stream, bay, lake or other body of water.”

The bill provides an additional measure of protection against Island Annexation for those areas of urbanized, unincorporated Washington County where, in the past, street annexations were allowed by cities.

On balance, I wholeheartedly SUPPORT this bill; however, it likely will encounter opposition from the League of Oregon Cities; at least some cities in Washington County who think that the County should be doing more to encourage annexation into cities; and other parts of State who may see it as a state-wide solution to an annexation problem unique to Washington County with our high population in its urbanized, unincorporated areas. Lastly, there are other annexation bills before the legislature which may desire or attempt to blend or bundle them all into one bill.

House Bill 2638 will likely require citizen support and testimony. Representative Greenlick’s office number in Salem is: 503-986-1324.



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