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April 2007

CPO 1 meets Tuesday April 3

By Bruce Bartlett, Chair of CPO 1

For citizens of Cedar Mill and Cedar Hills, CPO 1 is our primary vehicle for Washington County representation on land use, service provider and other county-wide issues. Our monthly meeting and newsletter is a great way to find out about truly local issues.

The April meeting will begin at 7 pm in the Souther Auditorium of St. Vincent’s Hospital with a Washington County Sheriff’s briefing, followed by announcements of neighborhood meetings and development status. Next is a segment we call “It’s Your CPO”—an “open mic” period where you can announce news, voice your opinions, gather like-minded people together or ask questions of the group.

Before the main program, THPRD staff will give a brief presentation on the proposed fee increases to Park District programs, answer questions and get CPO 1 feedback that will go back to the THPRD board.

Our featured speakers for the April meeting will be two of our major elected representatives—Kathryn Harrington, Metro Councilor District #4 (CPO 1) and Mitch Greenlick, Oregon House of Representatives District 33 (CPO 1).

Kathryn Harrington, elected to the Metro Council last year as our representative will make her first official visit this month. She will discuss:

Metro’s New Look project: Kathryn will explain what this means for our community and wants to gain insight into how the community members would like to be included and informed during this multi-year process. Three main aspects of the program to be discussed are:

  • Investing in our communities
  • The shape of the region
  • The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Harrington will also discuss:
Natural Areas Bond Measure: An overview of the program and summary of next steps in this program. This includes summarizing the three parts of the bond measure program (Local Share, Regional Targets for Acquisition, Capital Grants Program.)

State Legislature and Metro: The Oregon legislature is in session ­ Kathryn will give us an overview from Metro’s perspective of legislation that will help Metro better serve us (land use, transportation, solid waste.)

Mitch Greenlick ( was re-elected as our state representative last year. He will also make his first visit this year to discuss:

Annexation Bills: changing the way that annexation is allowed and promoted.
State Legislature and Metro: The view from the state perspective on legislation that will help Metro and the county better serve us.

Oregon’s Rainy Day Fund: What it looks like, how to fund and when to spend it.

CPO meetings are free and open to everyone. Voting members of the CPO are residents, and property and business owners who have signed up to receive the CPO 1 Newsletter. You can find information about CPO 1 and a link for newsletter signup on our website:



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