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April 2007

North Bethany Concept Plan

By Anne Madden, Washington County Planning Senior Program Educator

Last fall Washington County began a year-long process to develop a concept plan for the North Bethany area. The concept plan will establish a vision and framework for how new development should occur in the 800-acre North Bethany area which Metro added to the urban growth boundary (UGB) in 2002.

The North Bethany area, located generally north of Springville Road between NW 185th Avenue and the Washington County line, will be planned as an organic extension of the existing Bethany community to the south. The area will include a mix of housing, open space, schools and neighborhood services supported by a multi-modal transportation system.

The concept plan will consider all aspects of the new community including:

  • Land use designations in the study area that will signal where single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, and civic or institutional uses should be located.
  • Locations for parks, open spaces, trails, schools and other community amenities.
  • Provision of affordable housing.
  • Protection of natural resources in the study area.
  • Development of a multimodal transportation system within the study area and improvements required to the transportation system outside of the study area.
  • Provision of storm water, sewer and other infrastructure.
  • Finance of new infrastructure.

Washington County has hired professional consultants to help lead the planning process and develop a strategy for financing major public infrastructure. The Washington County Board of Commissioners and project staff are being advised by a Stakeholder Work Group made up of property owners, Bethany-area residents, developers and local institutional representatives.

Representatives from the North Bethany planning team will be attending the CPO 1 meeting on May 1, 2007 to discuss the progress to date and let you know how you can be involved. More information is available at



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