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April 2007

Trip Chaining

Faced with limitations to expanding our transportation infrastructure, the Oregon Department of Transportation [ODOT], Metro, TriMet, City of Vancouver and other public and private partners launched the Drive Less/Save More Campaign in February 2006. This unique effort seeks to reduce single-person car trips as part of a larger solution to regional traffic congestion.

If each household in the region eliminated two car trips per week, there could be a four to five percent reduction in cars on the road. See for more ideas.

Group your trips together to save time, money and headaches.

Trip chaining, or combining several errands into one trip, saves time and money and increases peace of mind. There are lots of ways to work trip chaining into your schedule. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Plan ahead: Take a moment to plan out your route and think about what else you might need to get done.
  2. Make a list: Think about everything you need and get it all done at once. That way, you won’t need to make a last-minute trip to the store.
  3. Find the most efficient route: There are a number of Internet sites that can help you plan the shortest, most efficient route. GPS receivers can also help you plot the best route.
  4. Try making only right turns: United Parcel Service (UPS) experts have determined that left turns tend to take more time and waste more gas than right turns because drivers often have to wait for traffic and/or the light to change.
  5. Avoid backtracking: Doubling back creates needless travel that can be avoided by following a more efficient, pre-planned route and using a list so you get everything you need.
  6. Combine errands: Do you need to pick up your dry cleaning today? Why not pick it up tomorrow when you go grocery shopping? Try combining errands into just one trip.
  7. Use closer stores: Explore your neighborhood shops. Try walking to lunch at the bistro down the street instead of driving to one farther away.
  8. Group your appointments together: If both of your kids need to go to the dentist, make it just one trip!
  9. Consider one-stop shopping: Many stores and shopping centers may offer you the opportunity to get all of your errands done in just one stop.
  10. Count the time and money you save!

From the Drive Less, Save More campaign.



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