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June 2008

Traci HayVolunteer Spotlight
Second Edition Resale Volunteers Support the Library

By Kevin Kelley, Cedar Mill Community Library Volunteer Manager

Under the expert direction of Shop Manager Nancy Paysinger, 100 volunteers, including teens, adults and seniors, work to keep the Second Edition Resale Shop a successful on-going fund raiser for the non-profit Cedar Mill Community Library Association. Over the past year, donations have greatly increased and sales have shot up by 24%. With such an increase in business, more volunteers are needed to cover our needs.

A neighbor brought Traci Hay to the library when it first opened in 1974, and she has been coming ever since. She leads a busy life, working as an auditor at Providence Health Plans and she will be going back to school to become a Civil Engineer. Still, she devotes one evening a week to volunteering at the Second Edition.

During her weekly shift as a cashier, Traci rings up sales, meets and greets customers, answers questions, renders advice to shoppers on their clothing choices, and in between hangs clothes on the racks and restocks the shelves. Even though her mother also volunteers at the Shop, it was the Shop Manager Nancy Paysinger who started a conversation with Traci, ending with an invitation to become a volunteer.

Traci feels it is important to have a mission to give to the community, and the library is one of her favorite places. She loves the fact that she is helping to raise money for the library, and enjoys interacting with customers as well as working with the other volunteers, all people who have the library in common.

Volunteering at the Second Edition Resale Shop is a wonderful opportunity to help the library, meet your neighbors, and interact with the customers. Most volunteers work weekly shifts, although some long-term, “founding” volunteers put in multiple days in multiple jobs. Volunteer positions range from displayer, cashier or sales associate in the Shop, to sorting, pricing, mending, or item research in the workroom. A new volunteer position was recently created to handle online sales, and we are looking for a volunteer cleaner for the mornings.

Volunteer applications can be found in the library and online at cedarmill.org/library or contact Kevin Kelley, Head of Volunteer Services, at 503-644-0043 ext 111 or kevinke@wccls.org.




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