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Volume IV, Issue 8

August 2006

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Bike advice and more at the Market

By Kat Iverson, Treasurer, Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition

Farmers on bicycles? Maybe not, but there are bicycles at the Farmers’ Market. The Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition (WashCo BTC, or if you’re really in a hurry, BTC) has a booth at the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market.


History in the News
The Bauer Family—steam engines to subdivisions
By Nancy Olson, co-author, Cedar Mill History

When my husband and I first moved to Cedar Mill in 1964 we purchased a house and several acres on Saltzman Road where we lived for nearly 25 years.


Featured Business
Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI) which was founded in 1944, was one of the first businesses in the Sunset Science Park area of Cedar Mill. A group of eight ESI employees decided that they wanted to have their own cooperative financial institution.


Gain or drain? – county taxes and the unincorporated areas

by Virginia Bruce

In 1984, Washington County commissioned a study to determine where tax revenues were being distributed compared to where they were collected. At that time, it was shown that residents of incorporated areas of the county (cities) were paying more than they were receiving in services, residents of rural areas received considerably more than they paid, and urban unincorporated areas, like Cedar Mill, paid in a little more than they received.



Speed zone changes at Sunset High on Cornell

During the recent legislative session, the school zone speed law was changed again. People had been complaining about the 20-miles-per-hour 24/7 law, and so now there will be three separate speed limit configurations: School Zone 20 mph when children are present; School Zone 20 mph when lights are flashing; and School Zone 20 mph on School Days 7 am ñ 5 pm.



Willow Creek Flora and Fauna

By Bruce Bartlett, Bonny Slope resident

I live at the headwaters of Willow Creek. Up here in the Bonny Slope area, Willow Creek is a seasonal creek which dries up in the summer. Willow Creek eventually flows into Rock Creek and then into the Tualatin River. Recently the Rock Creek Watershed Partners started a tour of Willow Creek in my backyard.


Sustainably grown coffee at Farmers' Market

Sierra Alta de la Costa Sur Coffee was founded in 2001 as a humanitarian effort to help the family farmers in the little village of Chanquiahuitl, Jalisco, Mexico. The villagers grow some of the best coffee available.


Donate "gently-used" children’s books

By Natalie Farci

My friend Kristen Coldwell and I have been in Girl Scout Troop 645 for five years now, and this summer we decided that we wanted to do a children’s book drive for our Silver Award Project. This project is required to be over 40 hours long.



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