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Volume 7, Issue 3


March 2009

Will you help support the Cedar Mill News?

Many people assume that The Cedar Mill News is fully supported by The Cedar Mill Business Association, but in fact the organization doesn’t pay anything for publishing The News. Although the CMBA benefits from the News, it doesn’t wish to incur any liability for a publication it doesn’t control.

Understandable, but it means that now I have to ask you, my readers, to help out. Advertising revenue is the only income for the News and advertisers are cutting back or cancelling ads due to the declining economy.

I want to continue to provide The News for free, and to spend the time it takes to bring you the very-local news you enjoy reading about and, in most cases, can't get anywhere else.

And judging from the comments I receive regularly from readers, you would like that too. So if you value The News, please consider donating whatever you can afford. $15 per year—$1.25 per issue—is a good starting point.


You can donate online by clicking the button above and using a credit or debit card through PayPal. It's a safe and easy way to send money online—you can even use it without signing up for an account simply by using your card.

If you’d prefer, however, donations can be mailed to

The Cedar Mill News
PO Box 91061
Portland, OR 97291

Sorry but the News is not a non-profit organization so donations are not tax deductible.


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Virginia Bruce
Publisher, Editor



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