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Volume 15, Issue 11
November 2017


Recycling Styrofoam with Agilyx


With all the news lately about the lack of places to recycle plastics, you might be surprised that you can in fact recycle Styrofoam. Agilyx, an Oregon startup, has developed the technology to turn polystyrene material, also known as Styrofoam, into usable product.

There are two ways in which Agilyx recycles Styrofoam. Agilyx’s processing plant can transform Styrofoam products into synthetic crude oil through a process of heating and cooling that ultimately carries a smaller carbon impact than traditional forms of crude oil extraction. In addition, Agilyx has developed the technology to recycle polystyrene back into polystyrene by taking used Styrofoam and transforming it into styrene monomer, a raw material used by manufacturers to produce polystyrene.

According to their mission statement, Agilyx’s goal is “To be the industry leader in re

newable energy technology and chemical recycling that ensures the highest and best use of plastics while minimizing environmental impact.”

Agilyx diagram

Overall, Agilyx strives to provide an energy recovery option for difficult-to-recycle waste plastics that is environmentally superior to other disposal methods, such as landfill disposal and incineration.

So, how can you recycle Styrofoam in your everyday life? Take items made from Styrofoam to Agilyx’s drop-off box at 7904 SW Hunziker St. Tigard, OR 97223. It is open 24/7 and there is no charge. For commercial recycling, call 503-597-6404 to schedule a drop-off time.

“I've taken the hard styrofoam, the kind that is used to protect big electronics, to Agilyx,” said Cedar Mill neighbor Ada Boje. “They are fairly easy to get to and very easy to work with.”

To know which types of polystyrene material are recyclable, look for the recycle symbol number six. Some items include: cookie sleeves/trays, Solo cups, coffee cup lids and foam food service items, such as cups, plates, and to-go box clam-shells.

You can also visit or call 503-217-3160 for more information.


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