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Volume 17, Issue 12
December 2019


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Website upgrade under way!

After a successful fundraising campaign last spring, and a very busy summer and fall, we finally found the contractor we needed to help us modernize the Cedar Mill News website. Look for the renovated site early next year. New features will include constantly updated events (no more gap between the first of the month and our publication date); the ability to publish stories to the website more often and from more contributors; comments (moderated!) for some of the articles; and responsive design that will make the site look good on smaller screens.

After we get the initial revised site up and running, we may include more features, such as classified ads, a “blog” that can replace the Facebook page for timely updates; and more. If you think of something you’d like to see on the site, let us know!

Calendar editor needed


Mindie Mosiman has been diligently updating the Cedar Mill Community Calendar for nearly ten years. She finds all the events listed in The News and enters the information into our Google Calendar. She and her family are getting ready to move out of the area, so she’s ready to teach a new “calendar keeper” to take on the task. She said she does it, “to help me feel more connected with our community while providing a nice service for others.”

Mindie says it usually takes her between 60-90 minutes each month, which includes the time to read through and create events from both the News and from the library's emails. (Yes, we share the calendar with Cedar Mill Library!) All that’s needed is a decent computer with internet access, and a Google account.

She says she can work through December and possibly January, but she’d love to start teaching someone to take it over as soon as possible since her move will involve downsizing and the sale of their home.

If you can volunteer to help your community keep track of the many events happening around the area, please email me at info@cedarmillnews.com.


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