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Volume 17, Issue 12
December 2019


Development News

Dale development decision delayed

A hearing was held in October to modify the Conditions of Approval for a seven-lot development at the south end of NW Dale Avenue in Cedar Mill. The developer wished to remove the requirement to protect a portion of the wetland that’s on the property so he could build another unit.

At the request of County Counsel and with support from the applicant, the Hearings Officer extended the open record period for this application. The original period ended November 7, but was extended to December 5, and the 120-day clock for the hearings officer decision now ends on January 9.

A group of neighbors hired their own consultants to measure and evaluate the wetland area. One neighbor, Gene Duncan, explained, “We were measuring the bioswale/flood plain altitudes, ground water and townhouse structures encroachments. This case now turns on CWS "discretion" to allow the townhouse structures to be built in the bioswale, as well as the riparian corridor and wildlife habitat.”

Elected officials and housing specialists helped turn the first shovels of dirt for the development
Elected officials and housing specialists helped turn the first shovels of dirt for the development

Cedar Grove construction underway

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 15 to kick off the construction for the 44-unit low-income housing development at the southeast corner of Cornell and Murray.


Milltowner Center

Construction is moving forward at the new shopping center being built by Bales-Findley at the northeast corner of Cornell and Saltzman. Concrete footings for the buildings are being poured now. Completion for the center is anticipated for summer 2020. No news about tenants other than Sunset Athletic Center and CVS Pharmacy.

bales glasses for sale

There was some uncertainty around the actual address for the center buildings. At one point, the county wanted to list the buildings’ addresses as Dogwood Street, which will extend into the development. The developers argued that it would be preferable, and easier to locate, to use Cornell for the shopping center and Saltzman for the library, and that was finally approved.

Still no word on a tenant for the old grocery, but an outside company is currently running a sale on store fixtures. Do you need some display cases? How about wine glasses that were used during the popular Food & Wine shows?

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