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Volume 9, Issue 4
April 2011

Clarence (L) and new owner Mark Ivens (R)

Cornell Cobbler passes the awl

Clarence Buehrle has been our Cornell Cobbler for over 25 years in the little shop tucked into the corner of the shopping center on the northwest corner of Cornell and Saltzman. He has run into some severe health problems in the last couple of years, but he was reluctant to just close the shop. He knows that people need shoe repair services even more these days.

Mark is assisted by father and son team Spud and Tater who specialize in sitting down.

He's finally found someone with the experience and means to take over. Mark Ivens heard about Cornell Cobblers on a visit to Oregon Leather, and it was just what he was looking for. After an injury from his work in the freight business, he was trained by Workmen's Comp in shoe repair. He worked at a shop in Lloyd Center for ten years, but was recently laid off due to the poor economy. He called Clarence and has begun working at the shop already.

Clarence suffered three strokes last year, along with other health problems. He's been trying to keep the shop open as much as he can, but frequent visits to the doctor and to rehab appointments has made it difficult. He'll still be coming in a couple of days a week to work in the shop, but he's sold the business to Mark.

Mark plans to keep all the wonderful cobbler bric-a-brac that makes a visit to the shop so much fun, but he's also planning to reorganize the space quite a bit. Rates and hours will stay the same.






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