We’re all doing what we can

Once we realized that there would be NO events to list in this month’s paper, I put out a request on our Facebook page to find out what people wanted to read about. A bunch of great suggestions came in, along with some offers to help work on the stories.

And by coincidence, our effort to revamp our website was close to completion as well, so we decided to go ahead and implement that, since it allows more people to contribute. and will also make it easier to do frequent updates. Thanks to all who donated to the website fund, we were able to hire Anthony Nguyen to set up the site. We’ll roll out more new features as we move forward, but we hope you like what we’ve done so far. For one thing, it will look a lot better on phones!

We’ll continue to update the “Hungry” article so please send your suggestions for takeout and delivery dining options via the “Contact Us” link.

Thanks to the new volunteers, and to our team of regular editors, who all worked hard to bring you this issue. Stay tuned for more improvements, and stay safe, stay home! We’ll get through this and be a closer community on the other end.