THPRD Fall Registration Opens

September 28, 2021 all-day

Saturday, August 28, 8 am for in-district residents. Monday, August 30 for Out-of-district registration

The Fall Schedule will be available online August 6. Visit the district’s website for details. THPRD will not be producing a print activities guide this fall. 

On-line registration is encouraged! The fastest, easiest, and best way to register is at Make sure you have your username and password set up so you are ready. And if you haven’t done so already, please update your username: (Starting in the Spring of 2020, all THPRD accounts were required to have an updated username that does not include your name/date of birth combination.)

Register in person: Walk-in registration at our open facilities is allowed starting on Saturday, August 28, for in-district patrons that need extra help. The website’s registration portal is still the preferred method but come in if you need assistance. Facilities open at different hours, and not all centers are currently open to the public, so check the opening times on our web site.

Centro de Bienvenida: We continue to have bilingual staff and volunteers serving Spanish speaking patrons. All non-English speakers needing extra assistance are encouraged to attend this event. Running from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, August 28, at THPRD’s Howard M. Terpenning Complex at 15707 SW Walker Rd.

Telephone registration still available: Call 503-439-9400 to register. Phone registration may have a longer wait time. To avoid wait times, we encourage online registration.

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