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Volume 15, Issue 11
November 2017


Development roundup

12 homes on 143rd

12 homes on 143rd

A Neighborhood Meeting was held on October 5 for a proposed 12-lot housing development on a property of slightly less than an acre on the east side of 143rd, north of the entrance to Terra Linda Elementary.

Neighbors’ concerns included the already-difficult left turns from 143rd; parking; and whether the development could either be less dense, or be apartments.

The developer’s representative, Wayne Hayson of Pioneer Design Group, explained that the R-15 (15 dwellings per acre) zoning was applied in 1983. Although R-15 would allow for apartments, the plan was single-family homes on approximately 2100 sq. ft. lots.

A private street along the south side of the property will give access to the homes. Hayson said the county would look at their traffic report and include requirements for any improvements to 143rd as part of the approval process. Since the county will eventually build more sidewalks in the area, the developer may pay into a fund for road improvements so the county can then do everything at once.

This is just the preliminary step in the development process. A plan will be submitted to the county, at which time public comments are accepted. If the county approves the development, construction is anticipated around Summer 2019. The Neighborhood Meeting notes will be available at the Cedar Mill Library.

Dinihanian FarmDinihanian Farm

The Dinihanian family ceased organic vegetable farming and farmstand operations on their property along Cornell, near Oak Hills, in late 2015. Folks have been wondering whether the organic farm would re-open, or what will happen with the property.

The property encompasses about 38.5 acres, with about 34-36 acres of buildable land. It is zoned R-15 and R-9 (15 and 9 dwellings per acre). Vahan Dinihanian says they are planning to retain their farmstand license and resume organic farming in the area near the pond at the north end of the property. The rest of the land is for sale, and will be developed into housing when a developer buys it.

We are not sure if the holiday tree and greenery sale will occur this season—we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. Be sure to “like” the Cedar Mill News Facebook page for updates.

Marijuana dispensary application approved, appeal denied

In June, the county approved Sheri Ralston’s application for her company, Western Oregon Dispensary, to open a marijuana dispensary in a property she owned at 730 NW Dale Ave. The decision was appealed and a hearing was held on September 21. Neighbors and others testified, mainly expressing their dissatisfaction with the legalization of marijuana. Concerns were also expressed about traffic and privacy for the neighbors.

The hearings officer issued his decision on October 26, upholding the county approval. “When implemented in accordance with the Conditions of Approval…the project will be in compliance with the Community Development Code and the Community Plan.”

We have no information about when or if the dispensary will be developed.

119th development

Last month, we reported that a proposed residential development on several acres between 119th and 113th was on hold, after an August Neighborhood Meeting that brought out many neighbors from the surrounding area.

Since that time, we have learned that there may be some interest on the part of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District in acquiring the property. THPRD has not shared any information because of legal concerns. We know that all the neighbors are very hopeful that this beautiful property can remain at least partly a natural area.

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