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Volume 12, Issue 1
January 2014


School District announces
plans for Timberland site

In 2003, The Beaverton School District (BSD) acquired an 18-acre site in the middle of what was then the Teufel Nursery. Budget constraints prevented the district from developing a school on the site, as the Timberland neighborhood was developed around it.

A Bond Community Involvement Committee has been meeting to make recommendations to BSD on a proposed $680 million ballot measure for the May 20 election. The proposed bond would provide new capacity, carry out modernization projects for existing schools, and upgrade technology. One project in the New Capacity segment of the proposal is a middle school on the site, but it will be years before middle-school-age students will attend it.


The Timberland site will temporarily house students from the schools that are undergoing replacement. The construction work for each school replacement is anticipated to take one year. At the end of the series of replacement projects, the Timberland site school will become a Middle School, and will provide new capacity for approximately 1,100 students.

According to the information released with the proposal, in the 2013-14 school year, total BSD middle school capacity is expected to occupy 91% of available middle school capacity. By 2020, projected occupancy rises to 98%. Additional middle school capacity is going to be needed between 2020 and 2025.

The committee report says, “This school is a critical component of the 2014 Bond because it will be used as a temporary elementary school for schools undergoing replacement construction. This project should be completed early in the Bond program in order to provide the temporary school space as soon as possible.”

“The recommended program will retain the current $2.11/1000 bond tax rate that is in place in the District. Consequently, the $680 million program will not result in an increase to the current tax rate paid by District residents and businesses. The Committee believes this is very important to the community.”

District Superintendent Jeff Rose is reviewing the proposal, and will make his recommendation to the BSD board at their January 13 meeting. The full report is available on the BSD website.


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