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Volume 11, Issue 12
December 2013


Get Ready For Cold Weather!


Many of us have already dealt with the results of the severe (for western Oregon) cold snap. But there’s good advice in this article anyway, including information for contacting Tualatin Valley Water in case of a problem.

You plan for rain by getting out your raincoat. Think it might snow? Get those boots ready. But what if you had an emergency? To be prepared, we encourage you to:

  • Know where your water shutoff is in case a pipe breaks and you need to turn your water off quickly.
  • Prepare your home and pipes for cold and freezing weather.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Have supplies and a plan ready.

Need more information or ideas? Visit or call (503) 642-1511.

Notifying You In Case Of Emergencies

Getting the word out and responding when water emergencies happen is important. TVWD prepares and our staff trains in case emergency response is needed. Different situations require different responses, yet here is some general information to remember:

  • We can be contacted 24 hours a day for emergencies. Our (503) 642-1511 phone number should be kept in a convenient location or stored in your phone system. If our call volume is heavy, listen closely to the recorded message and if necessary, leave a message when prompted.

  • The TVWD Web site is a valuable source of information especially as situations evolve. It is worthwhile checking back regularly to receive updated information. If you are experiencing an emergency, be sure to give us a call. While visiting the District’s Web site and emailing us are useful tools, they aren’t monitored continuously.

  • Media reports can be helpful. TVWD tries to work with the media to disseminate accurate and timely information. If you have a question about a media report, visit our web site or give us a call.

  • For more localized events, a door hanger or signs posted in affected neighborhoods may be used to inform residents of an emergency situation and where to get more information.

  • Update your contact information with the District to make sure we can contact you. This can be done at or by calling (503) 642-1511. 


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