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Volume 13, Issue 12
December 2015


Cedar Mill issues with Peterkort PUD Renewal

The following is the text of a petition posted on and signed and commented on by over 400 supporters. The petition, with signatures and comments, was delivered to Beaverton’s Planning Department on December 2. Anticipated decision date is December 16.

In 2014, the City of Beaverton approved a Planned Unit Development (PUD) application from Peterkort Co. to develop approximately 80 acres of its land around the intersection of Barnes Rd. and Cedar Hills Bl. into a mix of residential, office and commercial. Peterkort Co. is now asking the city to approve an extension for another two years.

Map of planned development and sidwalk gaps.

Residents of Cedar Mill and surrounding areas are concerned about several issues related to the renewal: the US 26 eastbound offramp to Cedar Hills Bl.; the lack of sidewalks on Barnes Rd.; and threats to the community trail between the West Haven neighborhood and Barnes.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has been waiting for the development of the Peterkort PUD to fix this mess. We hear that a solution may be in the works, but the delay in the Peterkort PUD is part of the problem. This needs to be addressed before 2018. (see

We believe that it is important that sidewalks are built soon to fill in the gaps on Barnes between St. Vincent’s and the Sunset Transit Center, and the gap west of Cedar Hills Bl. (shown on map).

A trail has led from the West Haven neighborhood to Barnes Rd (the 95th Avenue Trail) for many years. Peterkort Co. has recently posted “No Trespassing” signs, and the neighbors are concerned that this action will jeopardize the “Public Access Easement” which can be applied to continuously-used trails. The trail allows West Haven residents to walk to the Sunset Transit Center and keeps many cars off the road and out of the inadequate STC parking lot.

Jana Fox, a planner with the department, said, “The extension of time application is a Type 2 decision and because the applicant does not propose to modify the previous land use approval, no public hearing is necessary. The decision-making authority is the Director (Cheryl Twete) and written comments will be taken into consideration as they apply to the approval criteria.”

She continued, “The property that contains the trail you inquire about is not a part of the PUD application, nor of this Time Extension application. Therefore, the trail is a topic that will not be relevant to the proposed extension of time.” West Haven neighbors disagree (see article below).

Citizens Participation Organization #1 also voted, at their November meeting, to write a letter in support of the trail and other concerns, and that letter was also delivered to Beaverton.


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