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Volume 18, Issue 3
March 2020


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Correction on Brian Simons article

We heard from the sister of Brian Simons, the man who died in Cedar Mill Creek in November 2019. She told us that Simons only had three children with Jennifer and that they had never married. Amanda Simons is currently taking care of the children. She also wanted us to know that Brian's son Eugene, who lives in the area, is not struggling with drugs, is employed, and doing well. We are sorry for the misinformation. We have edited the original article.

New editors!

We received a great response to last month’s plea for more volunteers to help edit The News. Some have been working on special projects. Our Managing Editor Genevieve Coblentz has been working with some of the new folks for this issue. She’ll be heading to OSU in the fall, so we still need to find someone with great organizational skills and a good eye for detail to take her place by then. One of the new volunteers may turn out to be a good fit, but if that’s something that interests you, let us know!

PGE bill clarification

Last month, I wrote about my whopping PGE bill. I pointed out that while the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had issued a waiver to allow PGE to remedy its previous errors in Equal Pay billing, it hadn’t addressed the Oregon statute about incorrect billing.

We eventually received information from PGE and the PUC that the Oregon law only applies to incorrect billing. From PGE,” PGE issued accurate bills for equal pay customer's usage, throughout the time period when the true-up function was not working as intended. The amount owed in its entirety (not just the equal pay installment) was available on the monthly bill.  The total amount owed was available on the bill. PGE did not underbill or incorrectly bill customers. For this reason, ORS 757.077, which speaks to a customer being billed an inaccurate amount, does not apply.”

We encourage PGE to work to make their bills easier to read and more transparent! And we couldn’t argue with the PUC spokesperson who advised us to check our bills carefully!


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