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Volume 3, Issue 2


February 2005

City of Cedar Mill?

by Virginia Bruce, editor

After Beaverton Mayor Rob Drake spoke to the large crowd attending January’s CPO #1 meeting, people have begun to talk about the possibility of incorporating Cedar Mill as a city. Our state representative, Mitch Greenlick, is planning to introduce a bill in the legislature that would at least make such a move possible. Currently state law allows existing cities to veto incorporation by any community within three miles of its border. Greenlick’s bill would change that.

On January 12, The Oregonian’s Washington County Weekly “Community Snapshot” posed the question, “Do you foresee a city of Cedar Mill?” and responses were published in succeeding Thursday editions. Opinions ranged from skeptical to enthusiastic.

City-forming certainly isn’t something to be undertaken on a whim. Damascus, incorporated last November, is the first new city to be formed in 22 years in Oregon. Still, many area residents wish to explore the idea. A non-profit organization, Northwest Small Cities Services, (nwscs.org) has offered to help us weigh the pros and cons.

What do you think? Is this something we should continue to investigate? Email your comments to me...


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