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Volume 3, Issue 2


February 2005

Cedar Mill History Project Update

The Cedar Mill History Project is gaining momentum. The next big milestone will be to apply for IRS non-profit status. Once that’s done, we can begin to raise funds to accomplish our many goals. One fundraising idea that we’re already working on is an annual calendar with historic Cedar Mill photos.

The JQA Young House circa 1903

So far, we have begun taping Oral Histories with the help of John Wickham’s video students from Stoller Middle School. We plan to make copies of these interviews available in the library, and eventually edit them together to make a program on Cedar Mill history that can play on cable access and in the JQA Young house.

The JQA Young House has finally been acquired by Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. (See the October 2003 edition of Cedar Mill News for more information on the house – archives online at cedarmill.org/news.) A committee will be formed to determine how to proceed with its renovation.

We’ve started planning for the first Old Cedar Mill Days in May 2006. We need to determine all the various activities for the celebration and start to recruit participants. For sure, however, there will be a parade along Cornell (which should be finished right about then) with old-time vehicles and folks dressed in pioneer outfits. We’d like to see schools involved in the parade. If it’s a success it will be an annual event. Rob Lewis, well-known local wagon maker, has agreed to participate.

We are actively recruiting new members to help us build the organization. We want all the area’s “old-timers” to join us and contribute their knowledge of our past. We would love to find an attorney and an accountant to help us with the “501(c)3” status. Whatever your skills or interests, if you’re interested in finding out more about Cedar Mill’s fascinating history you’re welcome to join us. You don’t even have to live in Cedar Mill!

Our next meeting is February 17, from 6:30-7:45 upstairs in the Cedar Mill library, and everyone’s welcome. For more information contact Virginia Bruce. A short presentation about the project is available at cedarmill.org/history-project.


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