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March 2003

Mr. James Hairstyling a mainstay of Cedar Mill

Back in 1965, when Richard James and June Newcomer bought into the business, Bales grocery was next door in the building that now houses Hi-School Pharmacy. They’ve seen the area grow and change around them. “Mike’s Auto Parts was a lawnmower repair shop,” recalls James. “I remember once Mr. Bales got shot during a robbery at the grocery. And Cornell was only paved through to Miller Road.” But things have stayed pretty much the same inside Mr. James Hairstyling, and that’s the way everyone likes it – customers and staff alike.

Mr. James has been styling for 45 years. He’s now finding his expertise in the old styles coming back into demand among kids who want to emulate styles of the Swing Era.

“We have some of our original clients who are bringing their grandchildren in for haircuts now,” June mentions. A large play area welcomes children to the shop, whether they’re there for a cut or just accompanying a parent. And every child who gets a haircut gets to select a small toy from the “grandma catchers,” an assortment of inexpensive toys in the waiting area.

The shop does everything connected with hair – coloring, cutting, styling, perms – and nothing else. No nails, no facials, just hair. They also carry a wide range of hairstyling products for sale. “And we’ll do special orders if it’s something we don’t have,” says June Newcomer.

She and James have been married for 47 years. They met at the Oregon State Hospital, where Newcomer was a nurse. “He was just out of the Navy one and one half months, and my girlfriend said ‘ There’s a fella over there who wants to meet you.’ It just went from there!” They originally had partners in the business but bought it outright 15 years ago. They still stay friends with all their old partners, though.

“In the early days, all our stylists were employees. But state laws changed and now they’re mostly contractors,” says Newcomer. But Zoanne, a tall redhead, started working there as her first job twenty years ago and continues as one of the top stylists. She is one of the rare breed who listens to the client and gives them what they want, rather than what she wants. She’s happy to give advice, but if you want your hair to grow long, she won’t cut it short.

The shop has hours to accommodate everyone. Zoanne takes late appointments (up to 9pm) several days a week, and early morning appointments are also available.

June Newcomer has been a member of the Cedar Mill Business Association for five years and is currently serving as Treasurer. In previous years, she’s worked as a tax preparer during tax season, but this year she’s a student, taking classes at PCC.

You’ll find friendly and skilled people and reasonable prices here. “I was looking the other day, and found that we’ve only increased our price $6 since 1983. We only raise them about once every five years,” June notes.



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