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Volume 3, Issue 3


March 2005

State Legislators address annexation issues

Cedar Mill’s state representative Mitch Greenlick and our state senator Charlie Ringo, along with other House and Senate reps have introduced several bills addressing the issues involved with cities annexing unincorporated areas.

HB 2484 requires a double-majority vote on any annexation. This would require approval of the annexation by a majority in the affected area as well as a majority of city residents.

HB _____ eliminates the right of cities to veto incorporation of new cities within three miles of their borders. As it stands, Beaverton, Hillsboro and Portland could all veto any attempt to incorporate Cedar Mill.

Other bills being considered would eliminate the ability of cities to force “island” annexations on residents whose unincorporated areas are partially surrounded by city-annexed roads or other so-called “cherry stems,” and call for more public hearings during any annexation process.

Cedar Mill ultimately must end up either as part of Beaverton or incorporated as a separate city, because both state and county policy call for areas within Urban Growth Boundaries (which is all of Cedar Mill) to be incorporated. These bills ensure that the possibility exists for incorporation, and that any annexation be carried out with the agreement of a majority of residents. We applaud Greenlick for his quick and appropriate response to Beaverton’s recent aggressive annexation policies. Both bills will face stiff opposition from the League of Oregon Cities, among other groups.



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