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March 2005

Wal-Mart proposal brings out opposition

On February 8, one day after Beaverton annexed the site, the Peterkort Corporation announced that Wal-Mart would build a store on their property at the southwest corner of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road.

Local residents immediately began to organize opposition to the project, citing reasons ranging from increased traffic, decreased nearby property values, increased crime and loitering, to irreversible damage to local businesses. A group has set up a website at www.savecedarmill.com to circulate petitions, form committees, and keep residents informed.

The Peterkorts had negotiated a deal with Beaverton allowing the county to continue reviewing land-use applications for their recently-annexed properties, but the county declined to do so in this case. The application will be handled by Beaverton. The city has put up a web page answering questions about the project at www.beavertonoregon.gov/departments/CDD/CDD_walmartfaqs.html

WalMart representatives will conduct a Neighborhood Review Meeting on March 10,  7 pm at the Kingstad Center, 15450 SW Milllikan Way. Interested residents are urged to attend.



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