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Volume 3, Issue 4


April 2005

Cedar Mill Walmart?

At the March meeting of the Cedar Mill Business Association, representatives of Save Cedar Mill, a local group organized to oppose the Walmart store proposed for Cedar Hills Blvd. and Barnes asked the CMBA to take a position on the development. Walmart's answers to members’ previously submitted questions was also given to those attending.

The association polled its members by mail about this issue. The results were evenly divided. Exactly half of the respondents voted to oppose the store and half voted not to take a position. Half of the responses favored contributing money to Save Cedar Mill and half did not.

As a result of this vote the CMBA will not take an official stand on the store and will not contribute to Save Cedar Mill. This action does not prevent individual members of the CMBA from getting involved with this issue.

There is a page of information about the Walmart issue with links to other information sources on the CMBA website at cedarmill.org/CMBA/walmart.htm



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