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Volume 3, Issue 5


May 2005

Old Lead Tree sketchHistory in the News
The Old Lead Tree

By Nancy Olson, co-author, Cedar Mill History

Until 1982, the old Lead Tree stood sentinel at the western margin of Cedar Mill. Located on the south side of Cornell a few blocks east of the Bronson Road intersection, the old Ponderosa Pine, about 2 feet in diameter, eventually lost all of its foliage except for two starkly twisted branches near its top.

All of the lower branches of the Lead Tree had been shot away by practicing marksmen of an earlier era. The tree provided a convenient target for young boys in the community who needed to improve their aim and adjust the sights of their guns.

Untold rounds of ammunition took their toll on the old tree. For many years it remained upright, while it was no longer living. The 1962 Columbus Day Storm topped the old tree, which further altered its unusual appearance. Many of you will remember it looming over Cornell Road, sort of eerie and out of place. In 1982 the old landmark was finally felled as a safety hazard. It’s just one of many historic landmarks that have disappeared from Cedar Mill over the years.

The Cedar Mill Historical Society is looking for a photo of the old Lead Tree. If anyone has one and is willing to let us copy it, contact Virginia at 503-629-5799 or vrb@teamweb.com.



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