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June 2005

Annexation legislative update

by Jerry Ritter, OCVA

[As we did last month, we asked Jerry Ritter of Oregon Communities for a Voice in Annexation to summarize legislative activity on the annexation issue during this past month. Here’s what he says:]

House Bill 2484 (amends ORS-195 Sections 205-215 to require double majority voter approval for ‘service provider’ annexations): This bill passed the House 45 - 13 and is now scheduled for a hearing in Senator Charlie Ringo’s Environment & Land Use Committee on Thursday, June 2 at 8 am.

House Bill 3084 (Prohibits the use of a street as one boundary of an Island): This bill is intended to stop the practice of “cherrystemming” by cities to intentionally create islands which they can then annex with no vote. According to our capitol sources, the bill has been stopped by Speaker Karen Minnis.

Senate Bill 887A (provides long-term immunity against forced annexation to Nike and several other businesses; Places a 2-year moratorium on certain types of annexations; Establishes an interim task force to recommend annexation law changes to the 2007 Legislature): SB 887A passed in the Senate with only 2 “no” votes. It was amended by the House Land Use Committee, which then unanimously moved the bill to the House Floor on May 27. If it passes the House, it will return to the Senate for consideration of the House amendments.

SB 887A is clearly the bill the Legislature intends to move. We have not seen the House-amended version yet. As passed by the Senate, it really provided no meaningful or lasting annexation reform, except for a few businesses. This is why we have been trying to persuade Senator Ringo and Representative Minnis to move the other two bills.

The public outcry over annexations and the annexation reform effort boil down to one question: “Should those most impacted by annexations have a meaningful voice in the process?” Public entities (funded with public money), such as The League of Oregon Cities, have been steadfast and vehement in their opposition to allowing the public a greater voice in annexation matters. It remains to be seen if the House amendments to SB 887A address the problem or simply sweep it under the rug for two years.

[Mitch Greenlick, our state representative, says, “An amended version of SB887 (Ringo and Greenlick) passed out of the House Committee on Land Use this afternoon. It stops Beaverton for two years, sets a task force in place to rethink annexation, gives annexation protection for Nike and Columbia Sportswear, adds Tektronix and ESI to that protection, and does a couple of other things. It will probably be voted on in the House next week and will go back to the senate for agreement on the amendments.

“HB 2722, stopping the 3 mile veto on the formation of a new city is sitting in Sen. Ringo’s committee waiting for action.”]
The text of SB 887A should be up on the legislature’s website this week. To read the full text of this and other bills, visit www.leg.state.or.us/bills_laws/home.htm



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