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July 2005

Car crashes into Sunset Bakery

Around 9 pm on Wednesday July 6, 27-year-old Mandie Humphreys pulled her 2005 Ford Mustang out of the Plaid Pantry lot at a high rate of speed heading south on Murray, nearly hit another car traveling northbound, lost control and smashed into the front of Sunset Bakery, across Murray from the convenience store. Witnesses said it appeared she was showing off.

“Thankfully the bakery was closed at the time and no one was injured in the crash,” said owner Cam Arjangrad. However, he says, there is extensive damage to the customer area of the building. “The bakery area wasn’t damaged so we’re still bringing our baked goods to the Farmers’ Market. We’ll be open again in about two weeks,” he says. The store was covered by insurance.

Humphreys was charged with Reckless Driving and Criminal Mischief and transported to the Washington County Jail. At this point it does not appear as if alcohol or drugs played a part in this crash. The charges are both Class A Misdemeanors, which carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $6,250 fine. The bail for a Class A Misdemeanor is $3710.



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