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August 2004

Teufel development update

Polygon Homes’ housing and commercial development proposed for the Teufel Nursery property on Barnes Road is proceeding, with plenty of community input and public agency review.

Mike Miller, principle of the design firm MGH Associates, presented plans to the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Board of Directors on July 12. The board was generally favorable toward the park sites planned as part of the development, but some concern was expressed over the proposal that the district maintain the “Neighborhood Square” feature adjacent to the planned school. One board member mentioned, “We don’t do squares.”

City of Beaverton spokesman Joe Grillo says, “our Development Services staff is currently reviewing the proposed development. Polygon Northwest is requesting approval of a Planned Unit Development, Design Review Type Three for building elevations, site design of approximately 975 attached residential units, a Tree Plan Type Three for the proposed removal of trees located within a significant natural resource area, and a Preliminary Subdivision for the creation of 19 lots for residential, commercial, school site development, and open space tracts.”

Grillo continues, “the Preliminary Planned Unit Development application is to establish a phased master plan for residential, commercial, school site development, open space and associated street network for the approximately 107 acre project area. The Final Planned Unit Development application requests specific development of the residential dwellings and associated public and private streets and landscape improvements. The Design Review request is for the specific design of the proposed residential units, open space, parks, streets, grading of the commercial and school sites, and associated parking, walls, fences, landscaping, lighting, and site furnishings. The Tree Plan requests approval for removal of Community trees and trees located within the Significant Natural Resource Area.”

Some of the things Beaverton planners are looking at include adequate access for public services like garbage pickup and emergency vehicles, and whether adequate space has been allocated for recycling bins and parking for resident’s vehicles.

The first phase to be built will be on the north end of the property, near Cornell. This will comprise approximately 300 “townhomes”–larger family-oriented dwellings considered to be more likely to blend harmoniously with the existing adjacent neighborhood to the east. Groundbreaking is not expected to occur before spring of 2005.

Subsequent phases of development will proceed southward, with the commercial section not expected to begin for at least five years. Teufel Nursery plans to continue operation of their business as long as possible, moving some growing operations to their other Tualatin Valley locations.

Fred Gast, Polygon Vice President in charge of the development, says, ”It’s really been great working with the community to finalize our plans. It’s been a wonderful learning experience for us. We’re looking forward to bringing it out to the market.” He mentions that streets in the development will be named for early Cedar Mill settlers.

The public hearing with the City of Beaverton Planning Commission will take place on Wednesday, September 1 at 6:30 pm in the City Council Chambers in Beaverton’s City Hall. Development Services staff will make recommendations on the proposed applications. Additional inquiries into this development should be directed to City planners Tyler Ryerson at 503-526-2520 or Liz Jones at 503-350-4082.




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