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September 2005

Teufel development update

by Virginia Bruce, editor

A massive grading project, underway on Cornell Road west of Cedar Hills Boulevard, has the community buzzing. Those who have been reading the News know that the roadwork is in preparation for the first section of the Teufel Nursery development from Polygon Homes.

Cornell itself is being widened to include a westbound left-turn lane, an eastbound right-turn lane and bicycle paths. The entrance to the new development will be approximately halfway along the graded area. The perspective rendering shows what the entrance will look like when it’s completed.

This month Fred Gast, a Vice President and partner in Polygon, visited the CPO#1 meeting to present modifications to the original plan that the company will propose to Beaverton. The main change, due to shifts in the housing market since the original proposal, is to move some of the density of the project from the north end to the southern end.

“We’re seeing an increased interest in more urban living, so at the south end we will build a mixed-use area where we can place living units above retail or office space. This allows us to open up the north area, reducing the number of units in the north end by about 76 units. These will still be condominiums but we’re requesting that the density level go from 22-24 units per acre to 12,” says Gast, “It will fit in better with the nearby residential area,” he continues. Residents in the homes along 114th, which abuts the eastern side of the development, have expressed concern about the high density originally planned for the site. “There will be fewer buildings and more landscaping,” Gast notes.

The entire development, including 20 acres of retail along Barnes Road, is projected for completion in “about five years,” says Gast. When the project is complete, it will include approximately 1310 living units and the retail area, which now will include the mixed-use buildings. “Our intention for the retail area is that it will serve the residents of the development. We’re not interested in any ‘big box’ type of businesses,” Gast assured the CPO.

“We’re doing all of the grading for the north end, including the school property, right now. We’re working hard to get it done quickly. We know how disruptive this is for people, and we also know that before long the weather will be a factor, so we’ll be done with most of the grading in a few weeks,” he says. The road cut will be made shortly, the new road (as yet unnamed) should be in by the end of the month, and the majority of the grading work will be done by the end of October. They expect to start construction on the condominium units in January 2006.

The Beaverton School District, which owns 18 acres in the center of the property, has not announced what kind of school is planned or when it will be developed. Rumor has it that it will be a middle school, but nothing has been confirmed.


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