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September 2005

Traffic light for 143rd

Bids will be sought in December for a new project to install traffic lights and other improvements to the intersection of 143rd and Burton/Oak Hills in Cedar Mill.

NW 143rd Avenue was improved from NW Hunters Drive to NW Belle Court in 2000. A yellow caution light was installed at the NW 143rd Avenue and NW Oak Hills / NW Burton Street intersection as part of the road improvement project. Taking into consideration the rapid growth that area was experiencing, underground conduit was also installed during construction for future traffic signal installation.

Dan Erpenbach, Engineering Assistant for the County, says, “We have been monitoring this intersection since 2000. It currently has an average daily traffic (ADT) of 15,860 vehicles and meets the minimum requirements for a traffic signal installation.

He also says that minor improvements to existing signing, striping and street lighting are anticipated as part ofthis project. Additionally, curb ramps may need to be modified to accommodate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


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