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Volume 16, Issue 1
January 2018


Measure 101: What you need to know

The Washington County Department of Health and Human Services Disability, Aging & Veteran Services (DAVS) recently published this article describing Measure 101, the single issue that we are voting on in the January 23 election. We thought it was a good summary so we’re sharing it.


In January, Oregon voters will receive a special election ballot called Measure 101. It’s important for voters to distinguish between a “yes” vote and a “no” vote on this measure. A "yes" vote would uphold House Bill (HB) 2391, a bill passed by legislators this past July with bipartisan support.

The bill includes a new temporary tax on some insurance companies, hospitals and other health care providers to help bridge the gap in Medicaid funding and maintain health care coverage for low-income Oregonians, including seniors and people with disabilities. A “no” vote on Measure 101 would overturn HB 2391 and could result in approximately 350,000 Oregonians losing their medical coverage and the state losing billions of dollars in federal matching funds.

Here at DAVS we are closely watching Measure 101 and the potential impacts to older adults programs if it doesn’t pass. If voters reject Measure 101 and state funding for healthcare is cut significantly, then legislators will need to make up the budget deficit somewhere. One possibility would be cuts to programs funded with state general fund dollars, like Oregon Project Independence (OPI), a program that helps older adults remain safe and independent in their own homes.

DAVS suggests a comperehensive and informative article on for more information.


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