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Volume 18, Issue 3
March 2020


History in the News
What’s New on the History Front?
By Catherine Quoyeser, Board Member, CMHS

The Cedar Mill Historical Society (CMHS) and the John Quincy Adams Young House last figured in the news in September, when the 2019 Cider Festival was announced. With that major undertaking successfully completed for the 13th year, our fearless editor and community activist, Virginia Bruce, could be forgiven for taking a breather from CMHS. But in fact, she and the organization have been hard at work over the past months.

We’ve ramped up our Board, adding two new members for a total of five, with Virginia serving as Executive Director. We have been building our capacity by attending workshops in non-profit governance, historic preservation, and fundraising, as well as holding monthly meetings. In the next issue we’ll introduce you to the Board. Meanwhile, we invite you to reach out if you’re interested in joining our ranks (503-705-5725 or email catherinequoyeser@kw.com).

John Quincy Adams Young House

We’ve reached a major milestone in our partnership with the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation Department, which owns the JQA Young House and the lot it sits on. The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) governing the first phase of work in restoring the house. With technical support from THPRD, CMHS will carry out two tasks:

1) Update the restoration cost estimate prepared back in 2012

2) Oversee a feasibility study of whether and where to move the house on the lot

Deciding the best location for the house must take into account drainage problems at the current site, required or desired setbacks from Cedar Mill Creek and Cornell Rd, and the requirement that changes to properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places not compromise historic features.

Though the MOU governs the first phase of work, it sets out a vision for the future in which CMHS will manage the restored property as both a public museum and its own headquarters. Of course, it’s a long road to realizing that vision, but we know our next steps.

Once the cost estimate and feasibility study are completed, our goal is to partner with THPRD under a new MOU governing the next phase of work—raising public, private, and non-profit funds to meet the needs identified in Phase 1. Community involvement and support will be vital!


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