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Volume 7, Issue 9


September 2009

Back-to-school at Sunset High
by Makenna Huck

After going on long vacations and relaxing on the beach, school is right around the corner! Time for Sunset High School students to get out the old school supplies and set their alarm clocks because they’re in for a great year.

To start the year off, on September 1st freshman, sophomores and seniors come to Sunset for Apollo Preview Day to register for the year, while the juniors come on September 2nd. Since juniors are just starting to take IB (International Baccalaureate) classes this year, they come to register on a different day.

At Apollo Preview Day, students get their class schedule and get their picture taken for the school year book. It’s a good opportunity for the students to get an idea of what to expect for the upcoming year.

To welcome the incoming freshmen, Sunset has freshman orientation a few days after registration. Freshman orientation allows the students to meet their fellow classmates and their advisory. Advisory is a relatively small group of students who are put together their freshman year and meet up every other week up until their senior year. By meeting other students in their grade, advisory helps freshmen integrate into Sunset quickly and smoothly. Link crew, which are upper class students, volunteer to help out with games and other fun activities at freshman orientation so the freshmen can easily get to know one another.

Just as the school year starts, so do club meetings such as Key Club and French Club. Key Club is a group of students who volunteer for various organizations in our community. A few things they take their time to do are: blood drives, school supply drives, park clean ups and more. Anyone that attends Sunset can join Key Club to help out the community! French club helps students with the French language by giving them a taste of the culture. Club members can create holiday cards, taste different types of French foods, and sing along to French music. There are also many other clubs to choose from, these are just a few examples.

Sports are another big part of Sunset and this fall it is all about football and volleyball! The first varsity football game is at Sunset on September 4th against Lakeridge. The football team has been working hard at practices and conditioning in 106 degree weather, so Sunset fans will be there to cheer them on! Volleyball tryouts were at the end of August and their first varsity game at Sunset is on September 22nd against Southridge. These girls have been on the courts for weeks preparing for tryouts and upcoming games. Let’s show our school spirit and be there to support them!




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