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Index of Articles 2003-2006

This is a selected index of items from the Cedar Mill News since the first issue in January 2003. We have not included notices of events past or other items of temporary relevance.

History in the News – articles about Cedar Mill History and the Cedar Mill Historical Society
Featured Businesses – spotlight on local businesses
The Nature of Cedar Mill – natural history and environment
Parks & Public Spaces – news and information about our common spaces
Cedar Mill Town Center – planning for a vibrant business core
Development – news and information on planned developments
Roads and Transportation – streets, highways, transit
Annexation & Governance – Beaverton or a seperate city?
Schools, Organizations, Library
Business News – tips, announcements
Around and About - miscellaneous

History in the News

The Writing of Cedar Mill History: Two local women track down our pioneer roots July/August 2003

How Cedar Mill got its name October 2003

Historic JQA Young house to be park November 2003

Atfalati — The Indians of Cedar Mill January 2004

The Cedar Mill General Store February 2004

The Leedy Grange March 2004

The Cedar Mill Garden Club April 2004

Social Life in Early Cedar Mill May 2004

Lost Park provided summer fun in old Cedar Mill June 2004

Cedar Mill's Growing Businesses July 2004

The Cedar Mill History Project August 2004

Burton Road September 2004

Cedar Mill Garage October 2004

James Flippin, a determined Cedar Mill pioneer November 2004

Cornell Road December 2004

Elk trails and Wapato paths February 2005

Fire! Fire! March 2005

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church April 2005

The Old Lead Tree May 2005

Saltzman Road June 2005

Union Cemetary of Cedar Mill July 2005

Cedar Mill School September 2005

How telephones came to Cedar Mill October 2005

The Shoemaker November 2005

Cedar Mill Time Line December 2005

The Beamish Family, Community Contributors January 2006

Irish Settlers in early Cedar Mill March 2006

Early farms in Cedar Mill April 2006

How Cedar Mill roads got their names May 2006

Before it was Beaverton June 2006

Bonny Slope–pioneers, bootleggers and developers July 2006

The Bauer Family-- Steam Engines to Subdivisons August 2006

Area’s first school was in Cedar Mill October 2006

Muddy roads or you can’t get there from here November 2006

William Cornell, pioneer preacher January 2007

Pioneer Medicine March 2007

The Nature of Cedar Mill

Trilliums bloom in Jordan Park April 2003

Rock Creek Watershed Partners September 2003

Cedar Mill Wildlife: Living with Coyotes January 2004

The Nutria that ate my yard! February 2004

Lilies in our forests March 2004

The ground beneath our feet—Cedar Mill geology June 2004

Your Backyard Squirrels September 2004

Was that a hummingbird? Yep! January 2005

What's the matter with Ivy? March 2005

What Good is a Watershed? April 2005

Dear, There's a Deer Here June 2005

Western redcedar November 2005

Protecting The Land That Feeds Us April 2006

Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine June 2006

Willow Creek Flora and Fauna July 2006

Our majestic Great Blue Heron September 2006

The Barberry Family November 2006

Dark Skies vs. Light Pollution December 2006

Cedar Mill Town Center

Town Center Plan progresses Feburary 2003

Cornell/Barnes Road Projects and Business Signs July/August 2003

Town Center Open House November 2003

Cedar Mill Road Improvements December 2003

Cornell and Barnes Road—construction update March 2004

What the heck is a Town Center anyway? January 2005

Shell ends negotiations over Cornell station realignment October 2005

Celebrate our new Town Center roads! April 2006

Townhomes for Cedar Mill Town Center May 2006

Roads & Transportation

Highway 26 improvements planned March 2003

Thompson-Saltzman Intersection Decision Reached May 2003

Cedar Mill Shuttle—vans to the MAX! October 2003

Cedar Mill Road Improvements December 2003

Cornell and Barnes Road—construction update March 2004

Thompson-Saltzman intersection gets straightened out May 2004

Sunset Widening Begins near Cedar Mill July 2004

113th to be extended September 2004

Sunset Transit Center lot adds short-term parking December 2004

Saltzman Road realignment studied January 2005

Proposed traffic light, road realignment to ease congestion and improve safety March 2005

Barnes/Cornell project update March 2005

Cornell and Barnes Road Improvements Underway! August 2005

Traffic light for 143rd September 2005

Road improvements proposed by county September 2005

More traffic problems ahead September 2005

Highway 217 short- and long-term improvements October 2005

"Big Bethany" to get planning-- and to get even bigger? October 2005

Congestion at the gate-- will it improve? November 2005

Biking and walking in Cedar Mill November 2005

The future of NW 113th January 2006

Two new major road projects for Cedar Mill February 2006

Town Center road construction nearing completion February 2006

Taking back our streets! May 2006

Stop light at 107th and Cornell? May 2006

Highway 217 repaving project will begin soon June 2006

Cornell Speed zone to change at Sunset High July 2006

Pedestrian bridge flies in October 2006

Our doorstep gets wider October 2006

North Bethany planning underway November 2006

Murray-Cornell intersection improvements planning underway November 2006

Cut-through traffic addressed by county project November 2006

Transportation planning in the northern Tualatin Valley December 2006

Business News

Smart Business Recycling April 2003

Preventing Business Burglary May 2003

The 2003 Tax Act and your bottom line June 2003

Fresh berries and corn and tomatoes, oh my! June 2003

Cornell/Barnes Road Projects and Business Signs July/August 2003

Hi-School Pharmacy sold to Walgreens September 2003

Vandals shoot up town July 2004

Team Web develops websites for local business October 2004

Bales grocery business sold December 2004

Wal-Mart proposal brings out opposition March 2005

Verizon rolls out fiber-optic in Cedar Mill April 2005

PGE boosts our juice April 2005

Cedar Mill Walmart? April 2005

Cedar Mill Farmers' Market June 2005

CMBA-10 years old and looking to the future October 2005

CMBA News November 2005

CPO #1- study topics abound January 2006

CMBA News February 2006

Cedar MIll Business Association News March 2006

New management at Bales May 2006

Sustainably grown coffee at Farmer's Market August 2006

Local computer store closes abruptly after ten years September 2006

AAA Honors DuFresnes September 2006

Brian Harvey Agency earns JD Power recognition September 2006

Cedar Mill Real Estate update September 2006

Mike's Auto Parts September 2006

No Wal-Mart, maybe? September 2006

Business Association schedules retreat October 2006

New computer store takes over October 2006

Livestrong caps available at American Family Insurance November 2006

Tilly’s opening soon December 2006

Around and About

What is Cedar Mill?July-August 2003

Local sculptor and his band November 2004

Mailbox Theft June 2005

'Round the Town July 2005

Cedar Mill Talent Contest July 2005

Car Crashes into Sunset Bakery July 2005

Cedar Mill Park Concert July 2005

Hobitt is Back August 2005

Talent contest a winner September 2005

New county gun ruling September 2005

News shorts October 2005

Reducing junk mail November 2005

Citizen Summit focuses on building an involved community November 2005

Teriyaki Beef Bowl February 2006

Cedar Mill Park Concert planning underway February 2006

Cedar Mill Home Theatre Grand Opening February 2006

CPO #1 has a new website! March 2006

Protecting The Land That Feeds Us April 2006

Present-day farming in Cedar Mill April 2006

Sunset Accoyos Alpacas May 2006

Sue Conger leaves a community legacy June 2006

The future of Bonny Slope July 2006



Featured Businesses

A Cut Above is growing up February 2003

Mr. James Hairstyling a mainstay of Cedar Mill March 2003

Teufel Nursery -- Environmental Solutions since 1890 April 2003

Walker Garbage Service May 2003

The Brian Harvey Agency June 2003

Pacific Office Automation July/August 2003

Pet Barn offers personal service September 2003

Bales Thriftway October 2003

Second Edition Resale Shop November 2003

Mailboxes & More December 2003

Safeway Remakes Itself January 2004

Hobitt Cafe has something for everyone February 2004

Figaro's Pizza March 2004

Simply Divine Massage April 2004

Knowledge Points Learning Center May 2004

Cedar Mill Farmersí Market–veggies and more! June 2004

Sunrise Bagels July 2004

Bleachers Bar & Grill August 2004

Pacific Northwest Tax Service September 2004

HomeSellers/White Realty October 2004

Twinkle Twinkle November 2004

Piggyback Plus January 2005

Nails Sophisticates February 2005

Why Buy Local March 2005

Apollo Pools and Billiards April 2005

DuFresne's Auto Service May 2005

Logo Portland June 2005

Randall Freed, DMD July 2005

Living at Home Senior Care August 2005

Peninsula Insurance September 2005

Team Web Website Design September 2005

Cornell Eyecare November 2005

Sunset Ahtletic Club December 2005

Sunset Animal Clinic January 2006

Scrapbook Attack February 2006

Bales Thriftway March 2006

Len Weaver—New York Life Insurance April 2006

Cedar Mill Lumber May 2006

Cedar Mill Farmers' Market June 2006

Cedar Mill Chiropractic July 2006

Sunset Science Park Federal Credit Union August 2006

Cedar Mill Veterinary Clinic October 2006

Bank of America November 2006

The future of The Cedar Mill News December 2006

Cedar Mill Community Library January 2007

Cornell Cobblers February 2007

It could be You! March 2007

Parks & Public Spaces

Tualatin Hills Parks Board approves new Jordan Park plan, rejects Bluffs Park plan (PDF file only) January 2003

Sentinel Pole comes home at last April 2003

Historic JQA Young house to be park November 2003

Summer Concert in Cedar Mill Park January 2004

Cedar Mill Park Summer Concert February 2004

Area parks—improvements and plans August 2004

Park Concert update May 2005

Cornell Wetland May 2005

Cedar Mill Wetland June 2005

Cedar Mill Park Ivy Project June 2005

Voluntary park district annexation September 2005

JQA Young House Committee makes plans September 2005

Planning for parks November 2005

Willow Creek Restoration Project underway November 2005

Merritt Orchard Park December 2005

Merritt Orchard Park Trail January 2006

Cedar Mill Park restoration continues March 2006

Work party at the Wetland April 2006

Our Creeks, Our Selves: Watershed Tour of Rock and Bronson Creeks June 2006


Beaverton to plant school in Teufel property February 2003

Teufel Property Development December 2003

Teufel property to be annexed by Beaverton January 2004

Teufel Development update April 2004

Next Peterkort development takes shape June 2004

Teufel development update August 2004

Teufel development on track October 2004

Peterkort's Big Plans October 2004

Wal-Mart proposal brings out opposition March 2005

WalMart update May 2005

WalMart Submits Plans July 2005

Growing Pains August 2005

Cedar Mill 2040 September 2005

Teufel development update September 2005

Wal-Mart application incomplete September 2005

Bethany Coalition seeks a voice in planning December 2005

New commercial building takes shape on Cornell February 2006

About that vacant lot... February 2006

Wal-Mart resubmits Cedar Mill store application January 2006

Wal-Mart hearing scheduled March 2006

Touchmark Adult Community March 2006

Polygon to offer first Teufel homes in June April 2006

27-home development for McDaniel May 2006

Area 93: Urban Growth expansion on Cedar Mill’s northeast margin July 2006

Beaverton City Council to hear appeal of Wal-Mart decision July 2006

Polygon offers Timberland homes August 2006

Houses or park? November 2006


Teufel property to be annexed by Beaverton January 2004

Beaverton annexes! December 2004

That A Word - more about Annexation January 2005

City of Cedar Mill? February 2005

State Legislators address annexation issues March 2005

Annexation Legislation May 2005

Annexation Legislative Update June 2005

County taxes in unincorporated areas August 2006

Not Wal-Mart, but WHAT?? November 2006

Beaverton in Cedar Mill January 2007

Schools, Organizations, Library

Cedar Mill Community Library investigates formation of Library Service District February 2003

“The world is run by those who show up” CPO #1 March 2003

Cedar Mill Business Association-- a bit of history May 2003—your online community resource June 2003

Rock Creek Watershed Partners September 2003

Business Association elects new board, officers October 2003

CPO #1 elects officers January 2004

The Cedar Mill Garden Club April 2004

Sunset High’s Special Education Program needs your help April 2004

Cedar Mill International Film Festival! May 2004

Mark Carlton tribute May 2004

Columbia Sportswear funds Cedar Mill School homework help May 2004

The Cedar Mill History Project August 2004

Cedar Mill History Project underway October 2004

Cedar Mill History Project Update February 2005

Cedar Mill Business Association elects new officers, adopts projects March 2005

Cedar Mill Historical Society update May 2005

Library Summer Reading Program June 2005

Youth Transition Program now available in the Beaverton School District November 2005

The Cedar Mill Garden Club February 2006

Ringo won't run again, Avakian will February 2006

Mentors Needed February 2006

Sunset High Lacrosse March 2006

The Harmony School March 2006

THPRD Board approves JQA Young House plan March 2006

Hearing Voices: Storytelling Festival comes to Cedar Mill Library April 2006

Sunset Athletic Club adds indoor pools May 2006

Plant Sale at the Library May 2006

Summer Reading Sign-up Begins June 2006

New High School program at old Bonny Slope School July 2006

Donate "gently-used" children's books August 2006

Historic JQA Young house renovation plans proceed August 2006

Beaverton school district has plans for Cedar Mill September 2006

Library seeking business and community partners September 2006

Senior reading tutors needed for Cedar Mill Elementary September 2006

Sunset High School Band to Host 2006 Regional Championship October 2006

Cedar Mill Garden Club News November 2006

Scouts send snacks to Iraq troops December 2006

Cedar Mill gets new reps January 2007



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