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Volume 4, Issue 3


March 2006

Friends of CPO 1 on the web

Not everyone who is interested in local community affairs can come out to the monthly CPO meetings (first Tuesday, 7 pm, St. Vincent’s Auditorium). And there can never be enough time at the meeting to discuss everyone’s concerns in depth. These are some of the facts in community activism.

In an effort to deal with these issues, and to support all the interests and concerns of CPO 1 residents (Cedar Hills and Cedar Mill), www.CPO1Friends.org has been created. This website is specific to CPO 1 activities and is maintained by the CPO 1 Steering Committee. The Oregon State Extension Service very capably administers the CPO program, but they do not contribute to hosting or maintaining this website.
Each of our newly-formed subcommittees has a separate forum space on the website with information resources and a place for free and open discussion:

• Transportation,
• The Cedar Mill Town Center,
• Open Spaces & Natural Resources,
• Governance,
• Traffic Noise

If you are interested in these subjects or anything else that’s happening in CPO 1, visit the website and sign in to join the discussion. (And check out www.CPO7Friends.org, our sister CPO’s website.)

We would be happy to answer any more detailed technical questions on CPO1Friends.org. The software packages we used could be supported under any hosting service enabling the “LAMP” platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Thanks to these free software providers:

• Content management: Joomla software - www.joomla.org
• Forums: SMF software - www.simplemachines.org
• Hosting: LunarPages.com - www.lunarpages.com

Many thanks to John Tornblad for the majority of the work creating the site. His collaborators were Virginia Bruce and Bruce Bartlett.



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