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February 2006

Restaurant Review
Teriyaki Beef Bowl

by Megan Bruce, Staff writer

The menu of the Teriyaki Beef Bowl is comprised of Japanese grill foods (bento, teriyaki, etc.) and Filipino specialty foods. Everything is cooked fresh and well with skill and quality ingredients by owners Jeffrey and Iluminada Peters.

The Japanese menu has the standard offerings of a casual restaurant. The Filipino menu is extensive ranging from mild lugaw, a rice porridge with chicken; to sinful lechon kawali, Filipino style pork cracklings; to the more exotic dinuguan. Although not listed on the menu, balut is sometimes offered to the experienced Filipino diners.

Nicely caramelized and complex teriyaki sauce and pleasantly sticky white rice made for a healthy comfort food. The tofu was firm and well cooked, meaty enough to satisfy even the soy-phobic. Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) were golden and so fresh from the kitchen I could practically hear the sizzle. Jeffrey lamented that he had run out of the light rice noodles (pancit) that can accompany the dish, but the lumpia themselves were great.

We didn’t have room for desserts but a woman near our table obviously enjoyed a wedge of cheesecake. Also offered is turones (banana lumpia) and leche flan.

You can find delicious food and a friendly smile at 421 NW Saltzman. Hours are 10:30am-8:30 pm Monday through Friday, 11am-6pm Saturdays, closed Sundays. They offer local delivery for orders $15 and over for a $2 charge.




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